Pamela Lynne Crawford
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JaspersMom~  Thank you so much for posting this video. It is truly beautiful! Hugs, Kasey
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Wow! I am in tears after viewing this. Thanks so much for posting!
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I cried watching this... made me feel Wiz is here with me and waiting for me along with all my other babies... 
My beloved sweet Tess August 1999 - February 21 2001
My beloved loyal Byron March 1998 - April 28 2008
My sweet beloved girlie Angelina April 2001- September 2012
Me & my sweet beloved Wizberry forever 1998- April 21, 2016
My sweet beloved Snow Goddess Sybil girlie April 2001- May 11,2018
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So very beautiful,  I know they`ll be there waiting to be reunited with us forever. Thanks for posting Jaspersmom. 

J Taylor
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Jaspersmom  I couldn't watch the video, since I haven't listened to any music or looked at my favorite pic of My Winston since the day he passed.  I am sure it is beautiful thopugh.  I so pray I will be re-united with him when my time comes.   Sue
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JaspersMom................Your timing was/is perfect.............Thank you!.....danzey
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jaspersmom, thank you for finding and posting this beautiful video.  so now we stay, wait, sit and all the other commands we taught our loved babies until we get to reunite with them across the bridge.  thanks again and many hugs
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Beautiful, thank you. I have tears rolling down my face. X
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