This video is absolutely beautiful and is for my sweet and special boy Jasper who is waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge. Keep watching over us Jasper, we need you so much now. Your little sister Pootie Tang is fighting so hard to stay  with me, and she is such a fighter, just like you. My big strong boy with the sweetness of a butterfly and the strength of a lion, you taught me how to live, you taught me how to love, and you are my inspiration to keep going and never give up. I miss you more today than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow. 

Pamela Lynne Crawford
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Beautiful video, hard not to shed a tear and a smile watching it. I loved all the words, and phrases, That bond, it is truly special. Blessings to you and Jasper and Pootie Tang. Prayers for all our dear furry angels.
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Hi Jaspersmom,
I agree with Charlie: such a beautiful video! Thank you for sharing. I hope Pooie Tang is doing okay.
Sending hugs,
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Thanking you for such a
Beautiful video!

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Thank you for sharing such a beautiful video.
I just lost my beloved kitty yesterday, and every single word in that video touched me so deeply.
I cried so hard watching this video
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