it has only been three days. it was so quick. he was an old boy, but we didn't think it would be so sudden. we miss him so much. we miss the click clack of his toenails while he walks up and down the wood floors in our apartment. i miss his face in mine when i'm trying to eat dinner. i miss his ears flapping all around when he ate his dinner so excitedly. 

it was the right decision. he had scar tissue on his lung for a long time, and it turned into fibrosis. he couldn't breathe by himself. if that wasn't enough, he had masses in his belly and his liver. there was just too much going on. i don't think he wanted to be in that body anymore. and at least we were there and he wasn't alone. he wasn't scared.

i wish more than anything in the world that he would come back to us. not in that body that he didn't want anymore, but his beautiful soul. i miss that sweet, innocent, beautiful soul, and i am praying - and i am not a praying person and maybe that is why this happened to us - that we are allowed to receive his beautiful soul again in our lives, in whatever way possible. 

please baby norton, send us a sign that you are ok and we did the right thing. we love you more than life itself and that love isn't going anywhere. we miss you terribly.
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Hey, ruch, I put my baby girl down 3 days ago as well, also very sudden. She was only 5, 6 in August. I’ve said the exact same words, I want her back so bad and hope her little spirit is ok. Feeling your heartache. Luv to you and yours
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