Hi everyone,

my name is Chrissy and on Wednesday May 20th my mum and I lost our precious fur baby Elphie. Out of the blue!

Last year in November she had to undergo surgery because of a disc prolapse and even though she was 14 years old by then and had a heart condition she survived and she was able to walk again. Not completely alone, but she fought hard to prove everyone that she could make it.

At the beginning of this year she had trouble breathing and it turned out she had an abscess in her throat. We thought we would lose her then, but with the right medication she got through this too.

On Monday night she was in pain and had again trouble breathing, so we took her to the ER.

On the next day, the vets informed us, she was eating good and got pain medication. According to them she was doing fine, but on Wednesday at around 4am she passed away. And we weren't with her. She was all alone in the animal clinic. I hate myself for that. I just can't cope with it. She was alone, when she died.

But the strangest thing happened on that morning. At 3:56am I woke up and I think she was saying her goodbyes then. Don't you think?

And on Friday May 22nd I woke up shortly before 2am and had the urge to turn on my TV and the song See you again from Wiz Khalifa came on. I want to believe that this was another sign from her.

Even though it's been over a week now, I still can't stop crying when I think about her and my mother had one of her hardest birthdays ever. Only 3 days after our dog's passing she "celebrated" her 66th birthday. Such a miserable day.

I mean I have good moments thinking about her or watching videos with my funny little girl, but then, just like right now, I feel miserable and can't stop crying.
Our Elphie had such a hard start into her life. She was one of 86 dogs on a military field and probably gave birth to several puppies. When she was 5 years old (vet's guess) we adopted her and she was so fearful of everything, but over the years she grew closer to us, wanting our attention and she wanted to cuddle with us and be funny.

She had the strangest fur pattern I have ever seen. Her back, sides and her head were black. She had a white line on her forehead to her nose. Her belly and all of her feet were white with black dots and her tail tip was a bright white. Also her eyes were two different colors of brown. One eye was a tiny bit lighter than the other. She was one of a kind in any way possible...

I miss you Elphie!
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I am very sorry for your loss of your sweet Elphie. Clearly Elphie was a strong girl who survived a difficult start and then learned to trust you and your mum. I'm sure you provided her with patience and love for all the years she was with you. I know it is sad that she died at the animal clinic but you were doing the right thing by getting her medical care. And she has sent you signs of her love. Clearly she's a special girl.

My condolences,
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Thank you very much Jan. I don't really know what to say at the moment.
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