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I'm so sorry for your loss - Samson was such a gorgeous boy with the kindest looking eyes! I lost my beloved cat on August 11th, so I completely understand the pain you were describing. It gives me hope to hear that you are coping well! 

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Samson was such a gentle soul.  My wife always says that it was like he was human the way he reacted to people who were sad or upset, trying to comfort them.  When I think of Samson, I often think of Enzo, the dog in the book "The Art of Racing in the Rain". In the book, Enzo, who's master is an aspiring racing driver, narrates the story. Enzo is old and knows that his time is near, but he believes that, if he leads a good life and is ready, he will be a human in his next life.  If that is true, then Samson will undoubtedly come back as a human.
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