I feel like all I have done is cry since losing my baby last week. Does anyone have tips of how to cope and grieve in other ways?
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It's been 8 weeks since my Rookie went to the Rainbow Bridge and I still cry... some other things that have helped me though: I made several collage frames of some of my favorite pictures, and have one at work, and one home. Picking out the pictures and seeing them prominently in the house can be hard, but they also remind me of good times. I also ordered a memorial plaque and want to work on a shadow box. I come here to the forum frequently, and that's helped a lot. Sending you hugs!! ❤❤
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I'm so sorry you lost your little fur angel, crying is probably what I did the most the first few weeks, couldn't help it. Some things that helped me in the early stage were writing a journal of my days and also writing to my fur angels. I started making entries each day just talking about how I was feeling, any signs I may have gotten, just letting my feelings come out on the pages. It's not easy, but it did help me. I also wrote down all the beautiful little memories, routines, antics I could remember, I was afraid time would take away some of those memories so I wanted to preserve them. I started lighting a candle every Sunday morning in their honor, just a way to let them know I'm thinking of them and also to have a few moments to try to remember the good times, the sweet times. I spoke out loud to them, because I believe they can be around us at times. All these things were difficult to start, but for me, it helped. Those first few weeks are so very difficult, each person can only do what they feel up to, so don't force anything. Like Rookies Mama said, this forum probably did more for me than anything else I did. So many wonderful people here who truly understand this kind of grief. Blessings and prayers to you.
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It has helped me to make memorials for my girls with pictures, candles, and figurines.  I got the kind of flameless candles that are on a timer, so they come on every night.  I have Jasmine's paw print that the animal crematory made, and I like to touch it and remember holding her big ole paw.  I made a special folder with pictures and videos of the girls so I can see them happy and having fun.  I try to remember all the good times, and focus less on the bad and the last days that were so awful.  I also am making the most and best of the time I have with my two remaining dogs, Layla and Roxie, to make sure they know they are loved and cherished.  
Carole, Mom to Zoe, who crossed the bridge on 7/5/18, Jasmine, who crossed on 7/14/18, and Layla, on 12/1/18, all will forever be in my heart, and ongoing mom to Roxie.
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I lost my awesome dog 3 months ago and I still have days where I cry but it isn’t everyday and it isn’t all day like it was in the first month or so. I miss him so much. What helped me was journaling, putting pictures together on snapfish, getting out and walking the trails by my house like I did with him. At first that was really hard but excercise really helps. Sometimes I walk with a neighbor which makes me focus on other things. I look at his pictures a lot and now they make me smile more than cry but it takes time. We also got a memorial tree planted and have a plaque with his name underneath. A way to honor his memory. it’s not easy but the pain isn’t as raw as time goes on.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my dog a month ago this week. I still cry every single day but not as often - usually only at night for a few minutes whereas before I would cry throughout the day. I agree with the other comments that it never gets less painful, but the pain is not as intense and does not last all day long as the weeks go on. I also think that crying is the only way to really relieve the grief you feel at the time. Unfortunately, grief is a long process that you just need to work through and there is no way to fast forward through it. 

In the early weeks, I wrote letters to dog Abby about how I was doing, what I did that day, how I felt. I also kept a running log of all of my favorite memories of her so that I would never forget them or confuse them with another pet. It was hard for me to look through pictures, but I just ordered a bunch of prints this past weekend so I can frame some. I think I will also make them into a photo book at some point.

I got a garden stone with her name on it, and I put that in her favorite spot in my backyard. I regularly put a flower out there for her, and I also keep fresh flowers next to a picture of her on my nightstand. I really like the idea of planting a tree or flower in her honor, so I will probably do that soon as well. 

This forum helps immensely. I also reached out to a pet loss specialist and had a phone call with her, which helped. I planned on attending a support group but the schedule did not work with mine, but I think that would be helpful too. 

Another thing that brought me comfort was the vet who put her to sleep gave me some of her fur that's in a little baggie. I keep it in a jewelry box on my nightstand and during the days where I really struggled, I would take it out and have it next me while I read or watched tv. Now I usually just take a quick peak at it every night. 
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I had to put my Gidget girl to sleep a couple of days ago. I have been crying everyday for the last two weeks knowing her time was coming. The pain is so unbearable right now. I cry all day long. Sometimes it just hard to breathe.
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Flameless candles! That's such a good idea!! 😊😊
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I use a flameless candle that I turn on every night near a photo of him, and I kiss the photo and tell him I love him. Some times long before bed I light a real candle. But, the flameless candle goes all night. Because my dog was the light of my life! However in the first several weeks and first few months, I cried often, and very hard, as others have said here. The candles and forum here brought me the most comfort. And prayer (if you are spiritual)
Missing and loving Scooter Forever
- Melissa
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I'm definitely going to get some flameless candles! A week ago I fell asleep with the candle burning (after crying and feeling sad, of course!) and I woke up thinking that could have been bad!! My house has fire sprinklers, for why take unnecessary risks, lol
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