Wishing all of you some calmness and peace of mind through the pain.

This week I've been exceptionally missing my girl sweet Ocelot my tortie and white cat who was 19 when she passed on last October 12th.
The grief is enormous, nearly 5 months on , it goes up and down.
This week particularly yesterday I felt so numb and black and absolutely nothing could make me see any positivity over life without her.
I walked around the supermarket buying food in a miserable daze, avoiding the cat food and tins of tuna.
It was a bleak grieving day and I just wanted to be with her.
At night I prayed and asked for her to just visit me in my dreams like she had before last November - I looked up to the stars asking. ...

I woke up this morning feeling calm, happier and then I remembered my dream and my sweet girl had been in it, laying next to me washing her beautiful fur.
It was fleeting , it was real , it left me feeling calm and able to face today.
I was so happy to feel her presence,
It may sound strange, it's crazy, but I know the dream left me feeling better, took away the nasty depression and helped me cope with today.

I hope some of you here may experience something similar, I believe the souls and spirits of our fur babies are watching over us

Forever Ocelots mummy xxx
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WOW.  I am so happy something happened to make you feel better.  Who cares if it was just a dream, it worked.  I wish that could happen to all of us here who are hurting.

It has been since Thanksgiving for me and I just had a total melt down myself this morning.  Just hits without warning sometimes.  I too, hate the grocery store---having to avoid so many things.

I have had dreams of Molly, but they haven't been the comforting kind, so you are lucky and that makes me happy for you.
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