I posted a few months ago when I had to put to sleep my lovely girl Tess a black brindle Staff. Old age finally took its toll and I was left broken hearted. I want to share with the forum a dream I had last week.
In the dream I was somewhere I didn't recognise I couldn't even tell what country I was in but I was aware I had to take a picnic rug and walk so I walked until I somehow knew I had gotten to the right place, I spread the rug out and sat down, after a few minutes a woman in the distance walked towards me, (I only remember the outline I cant say what she looked like facially) she sat down facing me we didn't speak but it wasn't awkward. Suddenly from behind me and from my right side bounds Tess and she is looking beautiful. Gone were the signs of age and pain, she came running up and made straight for the woman. Tess looked so young, happy and playful. I was saddened that Tess didn't come bounding up to me but I now realise I was there strictly to look she either didn't recognise me or she couldn't see me (I think it was the latter). After a few minutes of watching her run around playing I awoke with a jolt, I was upset and I had a cry but felt better knowing she was now young and happy. I have only had one other visitation dream and that was when I was visited by my dead mother in 1999 (she died in 1971) to show me she was coming for my dad it was very upsetting as dad was fine and in good health but within 6 months he had passed. These dreams are unlike other dreams they follow a story, they are very lucid and they remain in the mind like a memory for ever. I hope this gives hope to anyone reading it I know my baby is in the spirit world forever young and happy and well loved by her spirit mommy.
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