Hello. Does anyone have any experience with vestibular syndrome? We are hoping that is what my 13 year old lab/chow is dealing with. She is now on day 3 of being hospitalized and still very weak with standing and stumbling to one side. Wed morning she threw up, was falling, stumbling, unbalanced. I took her to the vet and they gave her a pain shot with a sedative to help calm her down because she was very anxious and a shot to calm her tummy. They said she needed to rest and I took her home. That night she whined and groaned all night. Morning was worse and she struggled to stand, her head was tilted and wobbly, and her eyes were flickering back and forth. I took her back to be admitted and with the new symptom of her head and eyes, the doctor believes we are dealing with vestibular syndrome, which makes them feel like the room is constantly spinning. It comes on suddenly and can take days or weeks to resolve. He said most dogs fully recover although they may have a permanent head tilt. It's day 3 of her admittance and I've been told her anxiety comes and goes and they have her on a low dose anxiety med to help, they have her on an antibiotic, and have added an anti inflammatory and predisone this morning. We are never apart outside of the work day and I'm terrified because you can't confirm this is what we are dealing with. It's a wait and see game. It's possible it's something else and the thought it could be a brain tumor is killing me. I wish we could know for sure this is what we are dealing with and that she will recover. I've read a million articles and watched videos of dogs who have had this. The diagnosis seems to match what happened, but the what if's and being without her is killing me. I just lost my 8 year old cat last month and the thought of now losing my other baby is overwhelming and I cannot even function. Anyone familiar with this? Thank you.
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