We started noticing something was not right with our Billy, a 3yr old akita, on Tuesday of last week. He wasn't being himself. By Saturday all he would do is lay around and he would not eat. We took him to the hospital and they admitted him thinking he had a bacterial infection, his white blood cell count was in the thousands. On Sunday they released him back to us with the news they believed it was cancer. The Dr. said he is not in any pain and to keep an eye on him and that we would know when it was time. On Tues. we received the news that Billy has Leukemia. The Dr. said give the prednisone time to work. Today is Thursday he has been on the pred for 5 days and we still do not see a positive change. All he does in lay around, he has started to lose his bowels, he pants all the time even while he sleeps and he will not eat anything. I do not want to let him go to soon although I do not want to see him suffer. Im at a loss to know what the right thing is to do? We have contacted the Vet about end of life. He said that we can bring him in as soon as we feel we are ready.
Theresa Minton
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Sorry to hear about Billy. As you know, it's a tough choice to have to make. The link from this site may be of help to you. Wish I could do more.

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