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I have a 12 year old pug (Bailey) who is my baby.  Over the past year he has really gone downhill - he, has a hard time getting around.  My vet said he has some arthritis but states he had a stroke.  Bailey cannot walk up or down stairs..he can barely get into his dog bed which is no more than 1-2 inches from the ground.  He gimps around the house when he needs to get up to eat or when he follows me from room to room.  He eats and drinks, but when I take him outside, he only poops once a day (which vet said was ok).  When I take him outside, I have to pick him up from spot to spot otherwise he will just stand there. He barks and whimpers which is not normal for him.  The vet said he was not in pain..that he is old and may just be confused or have  bit of Alzheimer's.  Last night he whimpered all night long.  I feel terrible for him..I give him pain pills that don't seem to do much.  The vet said that he's a little dog and doesn't require much but we may need to think about putting him down...eventually. 


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Listen to Bailey.  When it is time, you will know. 

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