My husband and I found our sweet baby Boz on Christmas Day. She had passed away suddenly in her sleep. She was only 7 years old and was our constant companion.

She spent Christmas Eve by our side like usual until we fell asleep. Christmas Day was spent with family and it wasn't unusual for her to hideout in one of her favorite spots while we got ready in the morning, so we don't remember seeing her. We spend the day with family and when we returned home at 4pm, we still didn't see her. My husband went to feed Boz and her partner in crime, Bean Cat. While Bean came meowing to his bowl, we didn't see her. We assumed she was sleeping, so when my husband found her curled up in her usual spot he went to pick her up and she was already cold and stiff. I will never forget the cry he let out from the other room. I instantly knew something was wrong, but I was not expecting her to be dead.

There was no indication she was sick, no illness, nothing. This was probably as unexpected as you could get. We are confident that she died in no pain and it was very sudden, if not instant. She was in her usual sleeping position when we found her. Her little head rested on her paw and curled into a tiny little ball. There was no urine or vomit anywhere in the house. We think it happened sometime Christmas morning because I vaguely remember seeing her wandering around the living room... But I am not sure.

Our sweet Bean has been searching high and low for her. We took her to be cremated and the blanket we wrapped her in now lays at the foot of our bed. Bean has been kneeding into the blanket, excessively grooming while laying on it, and actively looking down the hallway for her. It breaks our heart but he has been seeking comfort by constantly laying with us.

We, on the other hand, are not doing good at all. We don't have kids, so Boz was our baby girl. We have cried a majority of the weekend and today, while better, has still been hard to get through. A friend suggested this site and I'm hoping that I can seek some guidance and support as we work this pain.

I hope that once we get our babie's ashes back and next to our bed, where she layed every night until we fell asleep, we will have a little more closure. Right now we feel lost, confused, and just needing a piece of her here.

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I feel safe sharing this here with people who understand. Today we decided to get a new mattress topper to our bed. Our Boz loved kneeding next to my Husband every night while we pet her. She also used to playfully hang off the side of our bed and want us to chase her. We called her SpiderBoz sometimes...

As we were trying to restore some normalcy, I pulled back the covers to a mostly destroyed memory foam topper... Except for one small little clearly visible paw print that we knew belonged to our baby girl. This provided an odd sense of closure and comfort but also brought us both into an intense moment of grief. I decided to cut it out of the memory foam and save it.
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the pics of Boz are so adorable.............I am so sorry though you lost your sweet baby........and what a great idea of cutting out the memory foam of your mattress topper...a good memoroblia for you.

Unexpected passings are sometimes hard to deal with, wondering why??? what happened, etc.....Just know your baby Boz is now
your heavenly angel always with you..........



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So sad to hear of your loss of Boz.  It is so hard lose a beloved companion. 
We lost our Chihuahua this December and now have his ashes back, by our bedside

One day you will meet up with Boz, waiting for you by the Rainbow Bridge.

With deepest sympathy for your loss,
John & Renee
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Hello, I am so so so sorry!  You have a beautiful cat, and may I say YOU HAVE?!  Yes, your precious is in heaven right now!  Your cat is not dead in the sense that the soul returns to God, but you will know your beloved when YOU get there forever!  

God created all things visible and invisible and all living creatures have a soul.  We have a soul to be redeemed to heaven, but animals are not redeemed, they cannot sin.  They go directly to heaven!!   

Closure is critically important, so what you are doing is precious!  Not sure if you got your cat's ashes yet or not, but they can make a paw print for you and cut some hair!  Also, write a letter to your beloved, place picture in a big frame by the memorial, anything that will help ok?

I know it's so painful to the point of death, but it will pass because that is how God made it to be.   We hate grief, but to grieve means we desperately and deeply loved, so that is a GOOD thing :):)
Vicki Mattingly 
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