My dude passed last night. I moved to ohio five years ago after i got out of the navy. I was starting over after breaking up with my ex girlfriend. My uncle was staying with my parents and had gunner a GSD/husky mix. I rember letting him out of his cage one day then walking him. My uncle worked a lot and had kids, he didnt really have time for him. So i just ended up keeping gunner. It just happened. Once i got on my feet and move out of my parents id still drop him off at my moms on my way to work, so he wouldnt have to be by himself. He was a velcro dog and never left my side.
Yesterday morning was just another day. I got up, let my puppy go outside (he was 6 i still refered to him as a puppy.) We went for our walk, and everything was normal. He sniffed, we ran, i fed him we played, i layed on the floor with him after another hair brushing session. If i had known this was going to be our last walk and day together. I wouldnt of changed much. It was a great day im so thankfull for having that time with him. In the evening we went for another walk he made it a block before he started falling behind and panting. So i took him home and noticed he was breathing funny. His chest it moved weird his belly looked a little bloated. 10 mins later he puked a couple times. So i panic and rush him to the emergency vet we get in the exam room and hes foaming at the mouth. Then he trys to lay down and wimpers he gets up and crys. He started to dry heave as he did it he made the worst sounds. I lost it i cried like a baby. They took him in the back to moniter him and 5 mins later someone rushed in to tell me my dog is crashing and their doing CPR. A little while later the vet comes in to break the news. I knew i knew right away. In 90 mins my dog wasnt with me anymore he was only 6 hes so pampered, spoiled, and well behaved. They did a x ray and discovered it was pneumothorax he had air leaking from his lung. It was so sudden, they asked if hed been hit by a car. He hadnt he just died. Today has been awful i come home and i wait by the door for him to walk up. Im reaching my hand down to pet him amd he isnt here. Im looking in all of his usual spots to see if hes napping. His leash and collar are still by the door. I keep seeing his things everywhere. His toys and fur his food dish. I dont know how im going to get through this. Hes been by side every day for the last 5 years. Hes my hobby. i work, go to the gym, im with the girlfriend, and with my puppy. Im really sad i cant feel happy. Im dreading heading to bed he slept next to the bed every night. If i could even sleep.
Finding this forum helps thank all of you. I know im not the only one i just dont want to be sad anymore.
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Obviously this is awful.  This sounds like a freak thing.  I want to say you handled the situation very well...you took him to the vet!!  You took him to the one place that could provide help if able.  I'm so sorry about Gunner and honestly you're going to be a mess for a little while.  The only way you get over something like this with a snap is if you don't give a crap.  Obviously by your post...that ain't you (thank goodness).  I'm so sorry about the suddeness of it...i know how TERRIBLE that is.  Losing a beloved pet always is awful,  but the unexpected sudden ones seem to pang just a little extra.  The new normal of them not being there is very painful...but you will get through it...you will just not now and not tomorrow.   Cared for and Loved.jpg 
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Thank you i feel a little better just writing a bit.
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I am so sorry for your loss.
On the 11th December it was a normal day with my gorgeous boy Reggie he was in and out of the house as usual (he's a cat) a bit later on I heard screams he had been hit by a car,he managed to drag himself home and I took him to the vets straight away.
Unfortunately he passed away during the night.
I am so deverstated he was my baby my love and like you it's so hard when they are normal happy one day then the next thing they are gone,I really still can't believe it,I really know the pain you are going through.
Everyone is going on with their lives as normal and I just feel numb.
You loved your boy and he knows that you gave him an amazing life. It's hard but just try and remember the good times don't focus on what happened because it will drive you mad.
Things eventually will get easier but take your time don't rush and look after yourself
Sending my thoughts
Reggies mum,Hayley x
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Dear Sweetsauce

So sorry that you have lost
your beloved Puppy.

Dear Hayley so sorry that
you lost your Reggie.

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My dog died unexpectedly last night.  I'm devastated and feeling so much guilt about it because I don't know if I could have done more to keep her alive.  She was so sweet and it's so hard to be here in this house without her.  I am so thanlful for this site because it's so incredibly helpful to be able to reach out to others that have experienced and understand this loss.  I'm so sorry for your pain.  And I really hope that it's getting better for you.
Meaghan Lakey
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I’m really sorry for your Gunner. Losing a friend is hard, but I believe that losing one suddenly and unexpectedly is even worse. We are never ready to say goodbye but having them gone without any warning signs makes us feel guilty and so deeply sad. I lost my beloved Diego 6 months ago. He was healthy and strong, had just had his semi-annual checkup done and there was absolutely nothing wrong. He was only 9 and was like a son to me. He just went to sleep and never woke up, and it happened while I was away visiting family out of he country. I still feel guilty for not being here for him on his last days. I still ask myself if there were any signs that nobody noticed that day, or the day before, something that I could have noticed and the vet could save him. I’m doing a lot better now, but I still miss him everyday and all the time. This forum really helps a lot. Hope you all find peace.
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Dear Sweatsauce,  I am so sorry for your loss, I too am dealing with the loss of my little dog Tigs, he and I where alot like you and your dude, infact I called Tigs Dude alot.  Him and I where together 24/7 as I work at home, he was my constant companion, he had heart disease and on Wednesday he had a expisode not sure if it was a stroke, or heartattack, he pulled through and I ran him to the vet the vet told me euthanasia was the only option, this has devastated me I cannot stop crying I cannot believe how painful this is for me.  Tigs was a rescue dog and not the best guy in the world he bit all my friends and family and also every dog he came into contact with, so he was abit of a handful but I loved him and he me. I had a radiograph done on his heart just before christmas, he had a enlarged heart but I was not told how bad or how fast it can grow, I didn't know he was in that much distress which is killing me, I felt he wasn't going to be here much longer but there is always hope. This is day two for me without my Tigs seems like the clock is going tick..........tick..........tick.  My husband came home last night with alittle stuffed dog for me which has really helped, I can hug it when I have my crying moments and also pet it much like I did with Tigs.  Ahhh man this is rough.........so glad I found this site
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Hi Jeffrey,

I'm very sorry about Gunner, I know you feel very sad and that just sucks. It's so hard to lose the magnificent creatures that we love so much. We're so lucky to have them in our lives, but the pain is excruciating when they leave us, especially when it happens suddenly. I wish I could give tell you a magic way to immediately feel better, but your pain is just a sign of how very much you love Gunner. I still cry daily after suddenly losing my baby boy almost five months ago, but I'm OK in between the sad moments. Nobody grieves the same, so dont let anyone tell you how you should feel. But however you feel, it's your pain, your love, your loss. You'll be ok in the end, and you'll be better able to help others you know who have suffered loss. These beautiful animals teach us so much, and in the end they teach us how to grieve, how to feel, and how to grow as people out of terribly painful experiences. Lots of folks here are hurting too, we grieve with you and hope you find a little more peace every day.

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