Ive been trying to cope with recent lost and have found some help reading through these posts I feel for everyone so much and can’t ever wish the pain that is experienced when losing something so close to you. I thought it would help to write down what happened as I am struggling so hard with what happened.

Its been only a day since I had to put my poor cat down. He was only 6 years old and I had rescued him at 1. He had a feral side but I developed a bound with him that would make anyone think I owned him as a kitten. I was away for Christmas and returned to find him and my other cat cheerful and happy to see me. I gave them their new Christmas present and even recorded a video and several pictures playing with him. The next morning I was taking him to the vet to get a dental cleaning. The vet had seen him two months prior and suggested he get one. Other than that he was deemed as a perfectly healthy orange tabby. I told him it was going to be ok as I put him in the carrier, only a short day at the vet and it would be over before he knew it. Shortly after dropping him off I received a phone call that his breathing sounded raspy and the vet wasn’t comfortable putting him under in this condition. She stated that it was most likely due to fluid buildup in his lungs caused by heart disease. Devastated, they told me they would give him some oxygen and medication to help the problem and we could plan the next steps. An hour later the vet let me know his condition had only worsened and that he wouldn’t make the transport to the 24 hour hospital. She suggested I come in and see him. I rushed to the vet and spent the last 10 mins petting his head while they had to put him down. I’m absolutely devastated and miss him so much. He would also curl up on my lap and keep me company whenever I needed it. He was such an amazing lively cat. I can’t get over how quickly things happened and am struggling with processing. He was everything to me and helped me through several really hard times. I wish I would have given him more love before taking him to the vet. I’m going to miss him so much.
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Dear Brian,

I am very saddened to learn of your loss. If you refer to my Miracle with Marmalade story here on the forum, you can read how my cat, also an orange and white tabby that could have been your cat's brother, helped me in my life through some very difficult times too. My cat actually saved my life many times. We had a journey and adventure that is quite remarkable. He was also a stray feral that I adopted and people were always shocked how good he was with me. I could take him for walks over 400 feet without a leash and he would follow when called to come back inside. He was gentle, kind, noble, loyal, devoted, loving and true. He meant the World to me as your cat meant the World to you obviously.

It is hard to believe that the average lifespan of a cat is only 2 to 5 years. Whether in the wild or on the street. That is all that they are biologically designed to live for. 

I felt I had to have my cat put down 7 months ago and am still completely heartbroken in every way. As you are.

Marmalade was my best friend, my comrade in arms, my best friend, my only remaining family, my love and my light. When he departed this World he took my heart with him. : *** (

There are many cat parents of "Orange boys" here on the forum, and we have 1 cat parent of an "Orange girl." Which are quite rare evidently.

I wish you continued healing in the hours, days, nights, week and months to come. You will heal. It does happen. Even though it may seem impossible at times.

Kind regards and my sincerest condolences,
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Thanks for sharing with me. I’m terribly sorry about your loss of Marmalade. I don’t know why but I’ve always been so fond of orange tabby’s. Sounds like him and Elon would have gotten along well. The shock of everything is definitely settling in as a few days have passed. I’m trying to keep busy just to help with dwelling on what happened. I really appreciate the kind words. It really helps to talk with pet owners who have experienced a similar bond and loss of an animal. I feel like I’m at a loss of words talking with some of my friends and family who don’t understand. One day at a time I’ll try and work through this.
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I am so sorry for your loss. The unexpected loss of a young cat is so unimaginable. I hope you find the time and strength to write down on a piece of paper all the things you loved about him, memories, fun times. Keep it in your wallet and over the next few months you can always turn to it and remember the good times. 

I loss my boy Teddy in June 2018, he was also an orange tabby and six years old. It completely devastated me. I didn't have much comfort or understanding at home and coming on this forum really helped. 

My thoughts are with you.

i see you in my dream my sweet little boy
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Thanks Emily. Sorry about your poor guy :(. I’m definitely going to try and do what you said and write down memories and fun times I had with him.
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I am so sorry for your loss. I too lost my loyal, loving cat too sudden. Half-and-Half also came from a rescue situation and she had some feral behavior. But we had a special bond. She was 12. I found out she had kidney failure and I had to put her to sleep a week later, after some upsetting attempts to give her subcutaneous fluids. I was angry at the vet for expecting me to be able to do that on a difficult cat.

I expected her to live to be older. She had the neuro disability CH, cerebellar hypoplasia, so she was a little uncoordinated, walked a little wobbly, but didn't require any special care. That just made her more lovable.
She had been with me through some difficult times, a move from NJ to GA, and other moves. She always wanted to be around me. I miss her very much.

I'm so sorry you lost your beloved cat at such a young age. My thoughts are with you.
Your orange cat was beautiful.

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Another sweet, beautiful ginger.

My prayers go with you.
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