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The same to you my friend. Missing them so deeply is what keeps their spirit alive forever ❤🐾
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Tfaith wrote:
This is so comforting. Thank you and bless you all. My baby's name is Macey
I can only talk about it a little at a time. She's been gone a week.

Macey is a beautiful name 💕
And I completely understand about only being able to talk about your baby a little bit at a time. We all understand. So take your time and be patient with yourself. 💛
Writing came to me so easily and naturally, especially when it came to writing about my baby boy Teddy. After he passed, I couldn’t write without my eyes filling up with tears to the point I could no longer see. I would stare at my phone screen, my computer screen, my pen and paper, my journal, I couldn’t type or write even a single letter about him. Words and writing couldn’t come easy to me anymore and they still can’t. It takes me a couple days usually to put together a post becuse it kills me. It took me one month to finally force myself to have the strength to talk about Teddy. I felt I needed to be strong and write about him so I could honor him, he deserved his mama talking about him like I always have. But it took me basically a month to find the strength slowly jot down my thoughts, feelings emotions to share mine and Teddy’s story of losing him and many other stories. So I’m saying this to let you know to be patient with yourself. Because I beat myself up every single day that I wasn’t writing about Teddy. 💔 my heart goes out to you and sending you hugs.
If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever.

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