Hello. New here. Long, challenging day. To start, at 5pm yesterday, on my way to work.. I pulled out of my street and witnessed a thrashing, seizing kitten who had been hit by a car. Total accident, the drivers were neighbors across the way. The Kitten may have been in the engine. I had to pull over and help in some way... but it was tramatic and gruesome. The kitten died before me. To which I thought impossible to recover. In shock still after work, I snuggled my sweet lucy while i struggled to fall asleep. I woke up at 730 am make coffee and feed my babies...oddly they weren't on the bed as usual. When I entered the kitchen...there was sweet Lucy...sleeping...but wouldn't stir as I came closer calling her name. She passed suddenly, without any warning, peacefully in her sleep. She was only 7 years young. I am devasted. And utterly lost. She wasnt supposed to go so soon. I thought we'd be together for so much longer. The vet said most likely a heart issue because of how suddenly it occurred in a seemingly healthy cat. My world is flipped. To go from one tramatic death to less then 24 hours...I am stunned and grief stricken. If anyone out there reading this has any words of wisdom, please share. She had a wonderful life as a result of finding me...and my life will forever be impacted by all the many joys she brought me. What a wonderful gift she was. I just cannot wrap my brain how sudden it was. How deeply I'd give to have another hug, a kiss, a laugh, and snuggle. Take nothing for granted....these bones are merely borrowed and nothing is ours to keep. Bless anyone who is grieving now...please know you are not alone.
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I am so sorry for your loss of Lucy. You must be in shock from everything. What a terrible series of tragic events in one day. You are so right, we shouldn't take anything for granted ever. That poor baby kitten, I can't imagine witnessing that, at least you were there for her/him in the last moments and she is at peace now. I once rescued a kitten who had been hit by a car. We took her to a dvm and she was saved and adopted fortunately from the dvm. It was just pure luck probably that she survived and didn't have major injuries.

You were robbed of a lifetime of love with Lucy,  7 years is so young to lose her, but as you said you were blessed to have her too. Hugs to you <3
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Dear asign. Omg I cannot believe what has happened. Firstly the story of the kitten that is so traumatic itself . Then to lose your beautiful Lucy suddenly is so tragic. As for words of wisdom. The thing I have learned and I write repeatedly is this is not easy. You will cry and cry feel sick sad lost probably not want to eat etc. this is all normal. Everyone here us sympathetic and helpful. I cried for a month straight . Now I'm just lost and sad. It is one day at a have had double tragedy. See your dr or talk to someone if need to or best come to this forum where others can help you. Feeling your pain and I'm very sorry. Elle
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Asign, I am so very sorry, first for witnessing that dreadful accident, and then for the sudden loss of Lucy.  I really cannot imagine how you must be feeling - we should never ever take things for granted, especially concerning our beautiful animals. They`re  with us for such a short time, and we should treasure each minute that we get to share with them. 
 It sounds as if your Lucy knew how loved and cared for she was, and you have so many happy memories to look back upon.   We lost our 17 year old dog Jim 6 months ago, and each day I seem to remember yet another happy memory of him, and am so thankful for our time with him. 
  Please come here often, we all understand your grief and there is always someone here to try to help - I think I would still be in a dark place without this forum. 

                                                                                   So sorry, hugs to you, Jackie
J Taylor
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OH LORD.  I can't begin to tell you how very, very sorry I am for the 2 losses you have experienced.  I've heard stories of animals hiding in engines before.  Your Lucy was indeed too young to pass.  Pets hide their sickness and pain very well.  Both of these beloved pets are together now over the Bridge Happy and healthy once again.  You could never in a million years have foreseen any of this tragedy.  I wish you peace at this time.  I will keep them and you in my prayers.   Sue
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I am so sorry for this awful day. Too much. One sadly suffered while slipping away, but it was lucky to have you there with it and it sounds as if it went quickly. Terrible fate. I'm sorry about your Lucy too. Time with her was cut short, unexpectedly and suddenly. But I'm glad she didn't suffer and went peacefully. But know your hurt right now. My only words....grieve, time will eventually heal and come here for support. There are many stories, a lot of grief, but a lot of healing too. The further time takes you away from that traumatic moment with the kitty that is probably embedded in your mind right now, the easier and less haunting it will be. Time will also heal your sadness over your loss of Lucy. I'm sorry for all of this. There is a family on here that lost their home and 8 pets in a house fire. Equally as sad.
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