Trying to get through another day without my Oliver seems like I just go through the motions most days do not even want to go home yet they say time will help I hope so I hate feeling this way I always sad I have been through pet loss before but not like this connection I had with this dog I also feel a lot of guilt I guess that's part of it too
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I am the same way. Sort of hate being at home because everything reminds me that she's gone. Then, I hate not being at home for some reason too. I think that no matter where we are, the sadness is with us. Not escapable. 
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Susan Martin,
You are so right each relationship that we have with each of our pets is different. I have lost 3 pets over the years and all have been equally painful for different reasons. You would think that because we have gone this path before and have experience with this loss that it would be easier for us right? Wrong. Every time is fresh, unfamiliar I never experienced it before. I remember each experience of the loss of my previous pet but today, when I think about the experience I remember the pain, but I don't feel the pain.

One thing I do know is that I have actually survived this pain before, and my heart has healed after each painful experience

It's been 7 weeks since I lost my Max. The first 3 weeks were hell. I turned the guilt corner at around. 3 weeks. I have just gotten to the point where I no longer dread coming home. I can finally eat and sleep. I still talk to Max a lot when I am at home but my heart has started to heal. I have actually decided to get another rescue dog that I will travel out of state to pick up mid month. Max was a rescue that I took in 10 years ago, along with 2 other dogs that he openly welcomed into our home through the years. I can't help but believe that he would be proud and happy for me.

Give your selfs time ladies. Come on this site and poor your heart out......we understand and we are listening

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