It is two weeks ago today that I had to say goodbye to my loved Bailey.  I miss him so much.  It is almost 8.30 am here in the UK and we would have been just getting ready to take him to the vets on that final journey.  It is a warm sunny day like it was two weeks ago.  I feel like I am reliving that day all over again.  He passed away just before 9am. 
The first few days I couldn't stop crying and then I began to feel a kind of peace.  I felt it was because Bailey was still with me. I brought his ashes home on the following Friday and since then I have felt like he is in the house with me only I can't see him.  I talk to him everyday as I always did.  The last few days though I have been crying alot more and the guilt is back.  I feel like this is never going to get any easier. Does time really heal?  I will light a candle for him today.  It seems so much longer than two weeks.  I love and miss you so much Bailey my gorgeous boy.  You are forever in my thoughts xxx

Bailey's mum
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It's only been 2 weeks.

It's been 2 weeks for me to, and I have had no peace at all.

When someone has lived 24/7 with you for all those years, how can
you expect to accept it in 2 weeks?

Time lessens the pain, and for me it will take a lot of time.

Every day is a struggle here. He was all I had.
"People disappoint, dogs never do" - spiritdog

"You MUST be your pets ADVOCATE, if it doesn't feel right walk away." - spiritdog
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In nine days will be three months since I lost my Maggie. I am still crying everyday. I will never be the same again. My precious girl was always by my side, day and night. I have never felt this bad before. I just can not stop thinking about her. She was the love of my life, my happiness and joy. I feel like I can't live without her. I agree with you 100 %. I always think she is at the window when I get home from work. It just breaks my heart. The sadness is so overwhelming. I don't feel it getting any easier either. Although this web site has helped me a lot. I feel your pain. It does help knowing others care and are there to help us through this difficult time. I feel like I have been reliving that terrible day non stop. I just want her back so bad. I loved her more then life itself. I am very sorry for your loss.

jackie h
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Jackie,  I am so sorry for your loss.  I still feel Bailey is here with me but I just can't see him.  I talk to him all the time.  I have a little memorial table for him with his photos and his casket.  I have a candle and flowers too.  Some times I feel peace then a little later I will burst into floods of tears.  I want him back with me too.  It is so hard when I see other people with their dogs.  Thank you for responding to my post.  You are in my thoughts.
Spirit dog - Sorry we haven't spoken in a while.  I do think about you because you were one of the first people I talked to on here.  I don't think I will ever fully accept Bailey has gone.  People have said it is time to move on but I can't.  Not many people have asked me how I am at work because they haven't wanted to upset me.  Some days I find it easy to talk about him, I want to talk about him.  Other times I find it difficult because I just burst into tears.  You are in my thoughts x
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