I do not even know where to begin, but this week we said goodbye to two of our kitties. 

On Monday, July 27th we lost our twelve year old kitty Isabelle to cancer.  The very next day we lost her biological mother Maia to acute kidney failure.

Twelve years ago we took in Maia and her four kittens (Meisha, Archie, Isabelle and Abbie).  A friend of mine had found the homeless mom and her four newborn kittens under a porch.  She watched them until the kittens and mom were old enough to be adopted.  We took them in. 

Isabelle always had reoccurring upper resp. infections, this month she was responding to meds.  Our vet ran more tests and she had an aggressive form of cancer.  She lost her battle with cancer on Monday, July 27th. 

That prior weekend, her biological mother became real sick.  We took her mom to the vet and she was in acute kidney failure, she lost her battle one day after her daughter.  Maia was approximately 13 years old. 

Losing to of my babies in two days has been so hard.  Then watching Maia's three remaining children grieve is even harder.  Last night Meisha was looking around our bed for her mom.  It broke my heart. 

I miss them both so much.  maiaisabelle11-19-05.jpg  Isabelle is the one on the left and her mother Maia is on the right.
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Oh Shari...
they are so beautiful... I am so sorry that you lost both of them like this. Just remember that you are not alone and we are here to help each other. Please be gentle with yourself and know you are cared for.

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I am so very sorry for your loss!!!
what beautiful girls, one can see the resemblance in their gorgeous eyes

wishing you peace and healing,
Bee- "Good night sweet prince & flights of angels see thee to thy rest"
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Shari, They are so sweet looking and very pretty girls. I lost my baby cat 3 weeks ago and still cant think of him without crying . We all understand the grief and hope you come  here when you can to talk about them . Hugs from my family to yours .  Val..   Brat, Smooch, Bug, Bubba, Charlie, Chelsie, Echo ,Oliver- and three babies as yet unnamed .
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