For me, Tuesday seems to be the hardest day of the week. I must admit that I am doing much better ..... even so far as to look at the dogs on the basset rescue site. Earlier today I was taking advantage of the warm weather and decided to clean the windows. Everything was going great until I came to the front door. There at the bottom were Lady's nose prints. Seeing those was like getting a severe blow to the belly. It seemed like all the air escaped my lungs and my body slumped.Suddenly,  I was overcome by a flood of memories of my sweet little girl..... then the overwhelming thought that she was no longer.
      This acceptance of dealing with " what is no longer " is the key. Sometimes I am so grief stricken that I wail and fling myself onto Lady's ashes like the old arab women that you see on the news. This is ok. I am sure Lady is looking down and saying"Dad you are so funny."Often I find myself just staring at her pictures for the longest time; spending a minute or more studying every little line and wrinkle of one of her favorite pictures. Late at night, when I cannot sleep, I will go outside and yell her name and tell her how much I miss her. I will then ask my previous two dogs Logan and Patches to watch over her and make sure she is alright. This is also acceptable. Eventually, I will have to clean that front door... but for now... I am in no hurry. [12492002_1032450123485792_6306865290917356270_o] 
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No hurry at all, I cannot bring myself to clean our car after losing Jim 7 weeks ago. His blanket is still in the car, and I can still smell his doggy smell in there. I will do it eventually - but not yet. I cling to everything that reminds me of him, I know he`s probably looking down on me saying `Don`t be daft Mum, I`m still here`, the time will come, but not yet. I`m still taking each day at a time  - our little friends mean far too much to us to us to do what society thinks is the right thing to do.
  Leave Lady`s nose prints until YOU are ready.
                    Hugs and healing to you, Jackie. xx

J Taylor
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I am so sorry for your loss. I agree, don't clean the window until you are ready. I never washed the blanket that I carried Scooter into the vets his last day, I just can't, it's folded up and tucked away. "What is not longer"...that's what we have to learn to live with now. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

Take care,
Jonancy...Scooter's Mama
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Yes I agree. Tuesdays are wicked. But then again some days are just 'badder' than others. No rhyme nor reason. I am sorry to read about losing your Lady. What an amazing Basset-- colors, ears but such an amazing face. I am confident Logan & Patches have welcomed Lady & will watch over her...just as they watch over you too.  I also agree about leaving the nose prints. When the time comes to clean-- much later on-- please snap a few pictures even though the image is already in your heart & mind. Hugs, Kasey
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No need to clean Lady's nose prints. :) I completely understand that. I have nose prints too and I smile every time the sun shines on the window. I hope in time you'll be smiling remembering the cold wet nose of your fur baby. Lady is a cutie for sure! I know you miss her.

I adopted a dog 6 weeks after saying goodbye to my first dog, Godiva. I absolutely would not have survived the pain and heavy emptiness on my own.

Maybe our dogs are running and playing together! Lady and Godiva :)
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