Such a very difficult time for all of us. Yesterday was 16 days since I have not been with my beloved dog Thatcher . Yesterday was the first time I literally cried all day. Last night I asked the higher power in my life to help ease my pain. I have been so devastated it never occurred to me to pray. It worked for a bit I’m starting to accept my baby is gone Of course I’m still so very sad but today I feel a tad bit better. Praying each day will get a little better and can therefore enjoy the time I was blessed to have my dog who literally fall into my lap almost 9 years ago. Still miss him beyond words. But I’m sure he is out of his pain and running freely some place in the universe. Look forward to seeing him again. May you all find peace. Anyway u can and hope your pain will ease each day as well
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Dear Cecelia, 

What a handsome lad Thatcher was!

I too have been praying for God to take away some of, if not all of my overwhelming grief, pain, sorrow, regret, remorse and guilt away. I keep apologizing to God for making the final choice that I did, to end my Marmalade's life, if it WAS my choice, and God did not sway my decision. I will accept the fault and my mistake. But if it was the right thing to do for Marmalade in the end? Then the credit must goes to God.

May you find peace as well. Thank you for your post and for sharing that wonderful image of you and your boy.

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I am glad that prayer is helping you some with your grief over the loss of your handsome 
Thatcher.  That is a great picture of him.  We all have to find what will work best for us.  It is sometimes two steps forward and one step back so don't be surprised if that happens.   Most of  us have better and worse days when we are grieving.  It is also progress when you can appreciate the good times you had together rather than focusing on the end of life.  No matter how death occurs, we all go through the painful grieving which you are experiencing.  You are with people who understand what you are going through.  We will continue to be here as you mourn for Thatcher.
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