It was such a difficult decision to have to have my beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel put down.  He had a severe seizure in October of 2016 and I think that I didn't realize the long term effects that it caused.  He always looked like a puppy and always had his tail wagging.  But there were many health issues that arouse since that day.  Sadly, we lost him last Friday June 16.  To add to the stress level, I am getting married this coming Saturday June 24.  I feel so devastated.  I am an intelligent woman but this is simply destroying me.  I miss him so so very much. winston.jpg 
Life is just what you make it.  Life is just what you want it to be.
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Haleyjo my condolences for the loss of Winston he is so cute it will take time to heal from your loss please find comfort in knowing Winston loved you you did everything you could for him and he is in no more pain or suffering keep him in your heart and memories know that Winston is right beside you and will be with you as you prepare for the days to come take comfort in that i lost my boy Ozzie 9 days ago he was 15 years old it's hard I cry everyday day by day
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I think it is a sign of intelligence to have the loss of your pet shake up your world- After all we bond with our pets on a very deep level over the course of years. I still think about my Davey every day, but now, it brings me more happiness than sadness. I hope that over time you are able to look back with fondness. Know that you were loved and that you gave great love. I hope you carry Winston in your heart on your special day.
Davey's Dad
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