I just had to put my cat down this past Friday. She was 18 and a half, and she had kidney disease. Three weeks ago, the vet said her blood test was O.K. and not to worry, but then she started to show symptoms. I didn't realize what was happening, but then with another doctor visit, he said she didn't have much longer to live. She wasn't eating, couldn't walk around, and I had to give her water through a straw. It was an extremely difficult decision to euthanize, but I think she was better off, rather than to suffer too terribly.
 I am going through the stages of shock, disbelief, anger, and sadness, all at the same time.
We had a very tight bond. Once I decide, I wonder if I will have the same close feeling for the next kitty. I share the same grief that I see written on this forum. Any healing messages are welcome. It feels very lonely without my best friend.
My little love, Kahlua.
Shari Parsky
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I'm very sorry for your loss. Kahlua has such a sweet, gentle face.

Jamie was with me for 15 years, and like Kahlua, she was my best little friend. When she passed, I knew I couldn't live completely again without sharing with another little one. I adopted two little shelter sisters a month after Jamie passed. The bond we've formed is different, but just as heartfelt. I love Abby and Casey so much, and they have returned it ten-fold. Jamie will always have a place in my heart that can't be changed. But the girls each have their own irreplaceable part. Short answer might not happen for everyone, but it is possible. That said, I still shed tears from time to time, Jamie was such a sweetie.

Blessings to you and Kahlua

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I am so sorry for your loss, what a beautiful kitty. I had to put my little dog to sleep last year, he was 9 and the love of my life. I got a new companion 3 months later. It is a little different but the love I feel for Ivan is special. I know Duncan will always own a part of my heart, he would want me to be happy. I hope you find peace and some day a new little kitty to help you heal.

Duncan & Ivan's Mom.
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I'm so sorry,  I recently had to put down my (also senior) kitty and I know what a hard decision it is to have to make.  Like you, I had to watch mine losing weight and having difficulty walking and then make the toughest call and I am still not done second guessing myself and feeling waves of grief, rage, and sorrow.  I think Kahlua was beautiful, what a pretty calico! 
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Sorry for your loss. I made the decision to euthanize my dog on 10/1. It will always be the most difficult decision I have ever made. The grief will never go away, sometimes it eases up but comes right back with a vengeance. Take care of yourself.
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