For my Benni. I never stop thinking about you.
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Thanks for posting is beautiful.  Missing my girl today and everyday.  Hugs to you and Benni

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again

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So true. They are with us in spirit until the very end, when we can finally reunite. No one can take that away. I'm hoping you get a sign from Benni.
~ Leah
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Missing my sprocket . Not sure how to make it thru the days without him
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Lilimarie wrote:
For my Benni. I never stop thinking about you.

What beautiful thoughts expressed in that poem.  It speaks for how we all feel.

I have a real soft spot for Chihuahuas (and mixes, too, like your Benni) because my family had a Chihuahua when I was growing up.  My brother had always wanted a small dog, and he set up the entire adoption himself.    We all loved her, her name was KoKoMo.   I used to love to cuddle with her under the covers, and loved seeing the lump on my bed when she'd go under the covers all by herself.    She's been gone a long time, but I think back on her with love.   She was a real rascal, too. 

So sorry for the loss of your little Benni, and the sadness you've endured from his untimely passing.   These little dogs are the ones with real spunk, so try not to worry.   He looks so lovable, I am sure all of the other kids at Rainbow Bridge are taking good care of him, and watching out for him.

"Now that the time has come
 Soon gone is the day,
 There upon some distant shore
 You will hear me say,
 Long as the day in the summer time
 Deep as the wine-dark sea,
 I'll keep your heart with mine
 Till you come to me"  (LM)

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