I euthanized my dog nearly two weeks ago and I have a lot of trouble sleeping. I fall asleep fine, around 10PM, but I wake up between 3-5AM and can't go back to sleep. I'm exhausted which does nothing for my morale. I know it's related to grief, I am just a wreck (anxious and cranky) when I don't sleep properly. There are also multiple other significant changes approaching in my life- we are moving in 6 weeks, and I will be starting a new job in about 10 weeks. Radar just happened to die prior to these other two, large, life changes.
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I'm having the same problem .I wake up and start crying and can't get a good night sleep. I'm so depressed my Lexie was my world my husband passed and it's just been me and her . Lexie was my emotional support dog. We were so attached to each other.  I miss her so much . This grief has put a toll on my well being.  I wish there was a support group that was in my area to meet other grieving parents
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I hear you. I used to call asleep immediately and now every night I take forever to fall asleep. I’m either crying because I miss him so much, or just can’t stop my anxious thoughts that I know are a result of this grief. And I’ve been waking up super early because in his last few months, he would wake me up at 4 or 5 to pee every morning. I think sleep disturbance is a completely expected part of grieving, and I find peace knowing that it won’t last forever. How are we to expect our bodies to do anything perfectly right now when all we feel is pain. Normal sleep will come again for us all I’m sure, but until then, we’re all in it together.
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