I lost my sweet Yorkie Toby yesterday, May 22, 2020 at 6:30am. I gave him to my mom to take care of when he was 6 months old because I had to go away and do Army stuff. Every year I would come back to visit him and he would go crazy happy to see me again each time. I let him know I never left. I was deployed in 2018 and came back in 2019. I was so busy that I didn’t make plans to go see my sweet Toby. It was his 9th birthday on January 25 and my mom threw him a birthday party and took pictures to send it to me. My mom said please come visit when you can....Toby is getting old. Toby was still bursting with energy like he was a puppy until February rolled around. One day...his entire body went limp and he couldn’t move or get up. My mom freaks out and took him to the vet. The vet gave him an IV, drew his blood and stool sample and said he is okay, nothing is wrong. Well that was a lie. After that day...Toby was never the same again. He was not able to move around like he used to. He stopped barking at the door when someone opens it...he stopped eating and drinking. My mom could tell he was in pain but didn’t know what’s wrong. She had to make chicken broth and feed a spoonful to Toby because that’s the only way he’d eat. The only time he will get up and to go to do his business outside the door or on a puppy pad. Whenever my mom FaceTime me, she would show me Toby......laying there on his side....skinny and looking frail. This went on for four months. On May 22, 2020, I received a phone call around 5:00am. I didn’t look at my phone until 6:34am when I saw my brother’s text that says “Mom is trying to call you. She said Toby is dying”.....and then another text.....”Mom said Toby died”.........When I saw that my heart stopped. I quickly called my mom back because I didn’t want to believe it. My mom said....the night prior...Toby sat up (something he was not able to do in four months). Then soon after, he crawled to my mom and between her thighs and cuddled next to her. He loves resting his chin on our laps. My mom said to Toby, “Toby, you haven’t done that in a long time” and petted him. The morning of his death....he got up to go to use the puppy pad but couldn’t go anymore. My mom saw him painfully limping and went over to pick him up and put him on the sofa with his favorite blanket next to her. My mom knew something was not right.....and tried to call me but couldn’t reach me. My mom said the moment before he died....he shed some tears...and finally...shut his eyes. I was supposed to fly back to see him earlier this May if it wasn’t for COVID. A day prior, I looked at his birthday picture and said “Toby, please wait for me boy...wait until I come back to visit before you go”. The next day....he couldn’t wait for me no more......he was in so much pain and the VET said NOTHING was wrong with my Yorkie. I have so much regret not visiting him right away after deployment. What ease my mind is knowing he died next to my mom and for the past four months, my mom decided not to work in order to be there for him 24/7. I miss you so much Toby............you have no idea what a good boy you are and how much you mean to me. I am so so sorry for not making time to come back to see you. Please wait for me at the rainbow bridge. Jan 25, 2011 - May 22, 2020.
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