Lexi, the sister of Zeke and Magnum who both retired to the bridge within the last year, is constantly continuing to amaze me.  Lexi, my 13 year old black lab knew nothing but her love for her brother and sister.  They are all Lexi knew.

When Zeke and Magnum left for the bridge, it was obvious Lexi was so depressed it would have taken a miracle to bring her out of it.  Her mommy and daddy were skeptical as to how long Lexi would remain with us on earth, as she was yearning for the love of her siblings.

As each day comes and goes, it is obvious Lexi is improving in her mental and physical state as she has adapted extremely well to her new sisters Gracie and Brandi.  It is almost as if Lexi has been reborn and her spirit is revived and brand new.

I now know Lexi will be with our family for a few more years as she seems to have reason to live and live happy.  Although Lexi is 13,  she is developing the energy of a middle aged dog. 

I love you Lex...thank you for showing our family how to overcome the tragedy we all suffered.  Thank you for being, my inspiration to continue on.

I Love You...Momma
In Memory of Azekeo Prince and Magnificent Ace
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What a beautiful message. I'm so happy that Lexi is doing well and even flourishing following the terrible loss your family suffered.  It must have been so hard for her to lose her brother and sister, but how wonderful that she has bonded and come to love Gracie and Brandi.  Thank you for sharing that inspiring story of joy coming from sorrow.

I love you forever Katie Kitty.
I can't wait to hugga-bug again with you one day.
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