This is for my little Greybill, who was euthanized on 9/21/2018. We had fourteen wonderful years together. She was still a kitten, and completely feral, when one of my roommates trapped her and brought her in the house, out of the cold. None of us had experience with feral cats. It was a truly terrible idea, but she eventually learned to trust me. I worked a night shift at the time, and she would come up from her hiding spot in the basement when I got home from my shift and the house was quiet. So when my roommates and I decided that we wished to find our own places, Greybill came with me. She remained very shy, and I was never really able to help her overcome her fear of strangers or loud noises. But she was a very sweet and affectionate kitty if she knew you well enough, and never vicious. She was intelligent, always knew how to get what she wanted, and full of that youthful energy. It was like any other relationship, the one between her and me. We supported each other, entertained each other, and comforted each other. Sometimes each of us did things that annoyed the other. And I made mistakes, and there's much I wish I could redo. Greybill was there for me even when it felt like the humans in my life couldn't or wouldn't be there, and I doubt that I could have ever done as much for her as she did for me.
I don't want to dwell on her death today, but I'll say that as the years went by, she developed many health issues. In her last years, her eyesight failed and her anxiety got worse. I managed her health conditions as best as I could, but eventually the bad days were outnumbering the good. I hope that I didn't make a hasty decision.

If you read this post, thank you for sharing my memories of my friend. I haven't started a post before, but reaching the year marker has been a little difficult. I also felt a strong need to commemorate her publicly in some way, and there aren't many outlets when the deceased is four-legged. So, again, thank you for reading.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Greybill.  She looks so "at home" and precious.  What a beautiful and strong bond - you both have - (not using past tense, because "love does not have an expiration date").  My honest belief is - "who rescued/saved who".  They come into our lives with a purpose.  Sometimes they stay with us for a little while and sometimes for some years, but, never long enough.  They are not visible in our physical world anymore, but they stay forever secured in our hearts.  After, I lost my sweet Sol (a male mix lab), I could not write anything. Eleven months later,  I registered in this forum..  Believe me, this forum is filled with people who understand what this loss means. 

Greybill came into your life as a kitten and for the next fourteen years, you gave her a forever home and a place in your heart.  Many hugs  
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Hi GBs_Mom,
It was wonderful that you took Greybill with you when you and your roommates decided to get your own places and I’m sure she paid it back to you over the years. That’s the thing about pets. They give us so much love and their loyalty. They truly are our best friends.
It’s so nice to commemorate her life at this one year marker and I enjoyed reading your post and seeing the picture of this sweet girl! I’ve never posted my story either but maybe one of these days. I’m so glad that you did! I’m so sorry for you loss. I can tell how much you loved her. Hugs to you!
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Thank you for sharing your story. What a beautiful girl she was 😻 thoughts are with you today.
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Thank you all, and condolences for your own losses.

Sil - The part that you wrote about using the present tense made me tear up. Thank you so much for the thoughtful message. Also, Sol is such a cheerful name for a dog! I'm sorry about your loss.

CK1991 - Thank you. It's so true that they give so much. I'm glad that you liked GB's story. I hope to read yours sometime when/if you're ready.

LittleLost00 - Thank you for your kind message. I'm glad that you liked the story and photo, and appreciate you keeping me in your thoughts.
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