We lost our dog Lenny two weeks ago in a fire at the boarding kennels whilst we were overseas. Our boy was only turning 3 next month and we're beyond devastated, he had so much life left to live. We live overseas and he was a street dog we took in when he was 3 months old. My husband works as a pilot and I work from home, so it was Lenny and I together 24/7 most of the time, he was my constant companion.
We were planning to take him to Europe on a 6 month road trip before we moved back home. We dreamed of showing him how beautiful the world is and how kind the people are in it.
We had planned our lives and our future with him being in it and now he's been taken away from us.
I feel so guilty that we left him out of our care, where he was safest.
The cause of the fire is still being investigated but they're thinking an electrical fault. Only comfort is that the dogs passed from the smoke before the fire started.
All I can think about is that we happened to be on holidays. Out of all the days we could have gone, out of all the years the kennels have been running safely, our Lenny had to be there. If it had happened one week later he would be home with us now. He was our child to us. We never imagined this could happen, he was our whole world.
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I am SO very sorry for your loss. He clearly had a lot of personality. I know how much harder this is that he was young and just got rescued by you from what would have been a life of misery and you wanted him to have a good life with you. It is truely tragic. The only thing I can say is that he knew how much you loved him, still does, and he knows you did take him off the streets and show him love. I too have lost pets tragically. It is always horrific and the grief is awful. He will always be in your heart. The heart does have a way of expanding when you can't imagine it - which means that while Lenny will always have a special place someday your heart will make another exceptional expansion with a place to love again. This is always true I think for animals - people not as much. The love of an animal is pure and untainted. You won't lose trust and there fore you can reserve space for another animal in need of love. Again this in no way mitigates Lenny. I have never found any pet that can replace another - just that they help heal and expand our hearts. It is safe to allow another special animal into your life when you are ready or when they are placed there just when you are least expecting it. I am 3 months into my loss and believe me I am suffering. I am only speaking from past experience. It feels like nothing can fill his place right now. I am fortunate to have my precious Sugar still. Prior I never had another pet when I lost one. It has really helped to have her. I am petrified of losing her now as she is 14. I also have no family - she is it. So... those are my thoughts for you. I am truely sorry and your loss is tragic on so many levels. I am sorry it happened - there is no sense in it. Jeri
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I can only imagine how you feel and I’m so sorry. It must be even more heart wrenching with the way that it happened.

My two kitties passed away suddenly this week when we were away. I am trying to make sense of why this day and if the timing was different perhaps the outcome would have been too.

I can’t possibly say anything that can lessen the loss and the trauma except that my heart feels for you.
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Thank you both so much, am so sorry for your losses. I've really been struggling to come to terms with what has happened. When we dropped him off at the kennels, I kissed him on the head and told him it's only for a couple of days. We never imagined this could happen... I can't understand how the world can be so cruel.
We live in the middle east, street dogs always have it rough. Several dogs who also died in the fires were there whilst waiting to be sent to new, loving homes overseas. They never got the chance to experience a loving home after coming off the streets.
Lenny had anxiety so he had many fears. We spent over 2 years helping him overcome them. We worked and trained with him everyday to build his trust and confidence, did agility to help build up his confidence even more. All the training brought us so much closer. We've never had a bond anywhere near as close with a dog before. He was such a smart boy (too smart sometimes) and in recent months especially we had been so proud of how far he'd come with his fear reactiveness towards other dogs. Our kennel was the best in the country, run by our amazing dog trainers. He recieved so much love and socialisation with other dogs whilst he was there and always came back happy and more confident.
We were supposed to pick him up and take him up the mountains camping, he loved the mountains so much. We wanted so much more for him. Wanted so much more time with him. He deserved many more years of love and belly rubs. We always told him he was too beautiful for this world.
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I'm so so sorry for your loss. The tragedy of it all adds another layer to the grief. There aren't worse that can take away the loss. At first we focus on how and why our beloved fur babies passed away. Then with time we learn to remember the good. While he was here you offered 110% of your love. He experienced being a family with you. He experienced personal growth. He experienced love.

~sending you warm hugs during this difficult time.
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Dear Tegan,

I too am very sorry for your recent loss. "Lenny" was a handsome and unique lad and looks like quite the character. He almost looks like a cartoon character in that 2nd photo.

I have been "working" with a kitten I adopted 3 weeks ago who also experienced severe trauma. He lost both of his parents (Blackie and Mom-Cat) and his best friend ( a cat named "Cherry") from coyote attacks. The kitten I named "KID". He was bitten twice and required staples. Each day that we spend together you can see KID healing and coming out of his shell of PTSD. 

It is admirable what you did for your boy. And I am so glad that your paths crossed with his when they did and for a time, he knew true love, affection, adoration, compassion, care and some adventure (at the beach in that last photo.)

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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Just over a month has passed since we lost Lenny and we're still struggling to come to terms with the gravity of our loss. We thought we would have another decade with our beautiful boy. We dreamt of taking him back home to Australia with us and the wonderful life he'd live there where he would get his trust back in people.
He was a dog like no other, our soul dog. He was often misunderstood because of his fears, which always made us sad because other people never got to see him the way we did when he was with us. He had the biggest and most unique character. I miss waking up to him having shoved his head under my pillow to block out the morning light (like us he wasn't a morning dog). I miss him telling us off if we took too long to get out of bed because he wanted to go downstairs and sunbake in the hot sun. I miss his happy walk and extra goofy happy run that never failed to make us laugh. I miss our daily walks where he would insist on stopping in a park for belly rubs, that he would sit on my foot and look up and gaze at me with so much love. Mostly I miss the love he gave us. Being his parents brought us the greatest joy.

A couple of days ago we received the report into the incident, a power surge caused the fire.. I had hoped it would help bring us some closure but I am still left at wondering how the world could be so cruel. Animals here already suffer enough but how could the world be so cruel and cause so much heartache and pain to not just us but to so many other dog parents in this tragedy.
We will continue to help and fight for wadi dogs in Lenny's memory. He'll forever have the biggest part of our hearts.
This Tuesday was supposed to be his 3rd birthday. My husband and I are going to his favourite spot in the hills by the ocean where we went on hikes. He always loved his views and this was his favourite. We plan on doing a little memorial for him there.
Two weeks ago we picked up another street puppy to foster. We couldn't cope with the empty house any longer. It's too soon but we live in a country where there is alot of cruelty and shootings of strays. So we currently have a little black street 4 month old puppy in our house.
He was found with his two siblings who were starving after their mum was shot and killed. Two days later a rescuer went to pick the puppies up and found him alone next to the dead bodies of his siblings who starved to death. We're helping him heal from his traumatic loss as he's helping us a heal from ours a little.
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I am so terribly sorry for your loss, and for this awful tragedy, when so many dogs lost their lives, and your good Lenny.

What a lovely boy.

It makes no sense does it? That a young happy dog like Lenny can be taken in such a tragedy....and others too.

I wonder if the kennels had proper circuit  breakers?

Street dogs have a special place in  my heart. My Misty was a street dog for a time, though under different circumstances than those poor street dogs in your country, and partially "owned" by very "heavy" drug dealer people. I rescued her myself. And saw her flourish and relax, and become herself in our beautiful environment, and a happy steady home with regular food and sleep times.

Street dogs seem to have a very special temperament, like they are "Old Souls" somehow. Well, I find them to be like that. They are usually food obsessed, but have a grace about them too.

Bless your heart for adopting another street pup. Poor little Soul....the horrors he endured are so bad. Now he has kindness, care and love. Lenny would be proud of you for helping a little street brother.

My kindest thoughts and deep condolences. Blessings to Lenny's Soul.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer http://www.mistysblog69.blogspot.co.uk

Misty's life after death: http://www.dog2spirit.com
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I am no sure about the circuit breakers, I'm not sure if they even exist over here. The building quality standards here are so poor it's scary. Bad electrical work is everywhere. I do know the kennels had smoke detectors and fire extinguishers in every room which were checked monthly along with extensive evacuation protocols and procedures. They had an international safety rating for their kennel. We've known the owner since Lenny was 4 months old, safety was always a top priority for her as this kennel was her life. We always had complete trust in her. It just feels like nothing could have stopped this from happening.
Street dogs are so wonderful aren't they. Lenny was actually a fussy eater can you believe it! He was rescued when he was 2 months old, he had cut open his foot and it was infested with maggots. We fostered him when he was 3 months old and quickly adopted him. He was such an amazing boy.
It is nice to have another dog in the house and helping him. We've managed to get him to gain some weight too. But it's also hard because we just keep wishing we had Lenny, especially when he does things that so remind us of our precious boy.
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Lenny's Mum and Dad,
What a sweet looking dog.  I'm so sorry about Lenny.  So young, too.  I've always dreaded kennels because my dogs don't like to be left alone, they are fearful and anxious without us.  My dog was in the care of a vet and he lost his life at a little over 6 years of age.  This is being investigated by my state.  Our pets don't seem safe anywhere except inside our home. It sounds dangerous for dogs where you are. That's a shame. 

This loss for you must be so devastating. I can't imagine how you felt upon your return.  Beautiful pictures of Lenny.   

It was unpredictable what happened at the kennel.  I'm still trying to figure out why these things happen to our pets.  I'm glad you were able to save another dog's life. You are fostering? Will you be permanently keeping him?  It is horrible what happened with this pup's siblings and mom. You probably wish you were in position to save all the strays.  It breaks my heart to hear what goes on there.

I hope this new puppy gives you strength in healing.  Again, I am so very sorry about your beautiful Lenny.  Keep us posted on your journey with your new pup and your healing process.

Take care.

~ Parker's Mom
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Parker's Mum,

It's so hard losing your dog out of your own care. I'm sorry for your loss. Only a month beforehand my friend who lives in the same compound as us lost one of her dogs in a house fire whilst they were home. Seems tragedy can strike anywhere.
Our kennels were better then any I've seen before, even back home in Australia. They treated Lenny and us like family.He recieved several play sessions a day with a group of other dogs.

He was fussy about which dogs he liked, they always said it was an honour to another dog if Lenny decided to be friends with them. They knew Lenny so well and would pick dogs with personalities that he would get along with. He was fear reactive to other dogs but he never had any issues there because they knew what he did and didn't like and would put him in with dogs he got along with. They would always cater to my strange requests and send me many updates and photos during his stay. He always looked so happy there and it was wonderful for us to see photos and videos of him playing with other dogs and gaining confidence.
I'm scared to adopt again because we live overseas we do need to travel.

We're currently just fostering little Cooper. We're not ready yet to even think about adopting. Maybe he'll be our next dog or maybe we'll be a long term foster home until he finds his forever family.
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