We just lost our very healthy 6 month old after being spayed. We went to the vet everyday with concerns she was drinking more water than usual and not eating, all they did was give us anti nausea meds and painkillers. We had to put her down due to kidney failure. I am posting this as awareness get a second opinion. If your dog is drinking more water and won’t eat demand a vet do something vs brushing you off. There is now an investigation underway, we are all heartbroken at a loss of a beautiful and special family pet who should have had her life ahead of her. We trusted the vet now we know better. I never post anything but I don’t want anyone else to go through this. The vet response was they were shocked but we are devastated and heartbroken.
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I am so sorry for the loss of your baby. I know how you feel in a way. I explained to my vet my dog was breathing very heavily and very fast and they assured me on the phone her heart was probably inflamed and they could put her on medication for it. They scheduled her an xray for 2 and she didn’t even make it that long. I also believe the steroid they gave her is what did it because that’s when her symptoms started. I am trying my best not to blame the vet, but I just wish I knew what exactly happened and if I just rushed her there if things would’ve worked out differently. Just know you did the right thing. You went off of your vets professional opinion and you kept going back. You did everything you could for your baby. It is so kind of you to share your experience here for others awareness. Again, I am very very sorry for your loss and I wish you the best with your investigation.
Take care
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Thank you for your kinds words we are going through the same thoughts what if .... I am sorry for your loss as well. It is never easy losing a pet that is part of your family.

Take care.
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I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your precious fur baby at such a young age.  There  are others in this forum who have had bad experiences with vets. You were doing the responsible thing in getting your pet spayed in what should have been a routine procedure.  There is no way you could have known that this would be the outcome and it is understandable that you are devastated. My heart goes out to you as you grieve for your beloved  pet.  There are many others in this forum who will understand and grieve with you.
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Oh Fourniel, this is tragic and I am deeply sorry for your loss of her. Was there any explanation  of why she should develop kidney failure after being spayed? Did they perhaps fail to diagnose a congenital kidney defect?
Some pups born with that, sadly do not have a good prognosis, and have very short lives.

But it is terribly sad. Please don't blame yourself for trying to take care of her and do the best for her. You weren't to know a routine surgery would  end in this tragedy, especially as she seemed so healthy before.

Thank you for your warning to others about the symptoms of kidney failure.

My dog (who passed some years ago, and not from anything relating to kidneys) also developed a huge thirst suddenly and started peeing a lot more. I took her for tests. A urinalysis showed no abnormality, but a blood test showed elevated renal values. She was fortunate because it wasn't so advanced, and diet and some pills brought those high values down.
But when they get to the "nauseous" stage, it is usually too late for anything but palliative care.

I am so sorry for what happened to your little girl. She had such a short, but love-filled life. She will take that memory of Love with her and will not forget you. Blessings to her Soul. My kindest thoughts sent out to you.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

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Misty's life after death:
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Sorry for your loss.

And,yes we should always seek a
second opinion!
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So sorry for your Loss 🙏🐾
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