Accidents are the worst way you can lose a pet. My pet budgie Eloise was killed today when she got her head caught in the cage bars & her neck was broken. I spotted her lying feet up, dead on top of the cage. She was so feisty, & beautiful and compassionate, too. She was a pastel rainbow with a splash of color on her back. The worst thing but fatal accidents & the guilt you feel. You feel responsible, you weren't watching them closely, you failed them, you're guilty. Last November, I lost my cocktail MOJO when she collided with a closing door &she suffered a mortal head injury. I can't get rid of the guilt. I should have reacted more quickly & moved in front of Mojo; I should have kept a closer eye on Eloise. I hope my other 5 birds don't meet with the same fate. I wonder if there's something bad inside me that's caused the deaths of the birds I loved & treated and fed well & provided for so lovingly. I'm only now praying for my surviving birds,that they can avoid the tragic trauma that cost the others their lives. I could come to terms with a terminal illness, eventually. A fatal accident (in this case,two) will haunt me for the rest of my life & the way I feel now, maybe it should.
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I'm so sorry for Eloise and you both.  Guilt is a normal part of grieving, but you can't anticipate every single instance in your pet's life.  Just as a mother could not be responsible if her human child is struck down by a tragic accident.  That' just what it was - a tragic accident.  You did nothing to cause it - and the depth of your grief only reflects the depth of your love.  Please be kind to yourself.  Keeping you in my thoughts.
Love you to the moon and back....
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So sorry for your loss. Praying for you....
Spence's Mom
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