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hey trishk how ya doin?
Seems it's been so long sense we lost our Annie, in reality it's been only 7 weeks. life is getting better. i think of her every day. strange though i don't dream much but I've had 5 dream where I've seen Annie running like a young dog playing with Max our black lab wh is still here  with us. then I'd wake up feeling so sad.  The dreams were so real. I wonder if God is reassuring me saying  she's here with me waiting on you in heaven. Got lots of folks in heaven waiting and some folks that i may never see again because they didn't acept jesus. I hope you are well...denny
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It was so wonderful to hear from you, thank you for posting to me!I have been thinking of you and Annie as well ☺. I have been ok, the omly snag was that our other dog Daisy (a lab mix) had to go to the vet. She needed anesthesia for the procedure and it was similar to the situation before Honey was put to sleep.....thus my daughter and I both started crying hysterically.

I totally agree about seeing your loved ones and pets in heaven. I am a semi practicing Catholic and that is so ingrained in my beliefs.It is something that I don't even question, that we will meet again someday. I am sending you hugs and thoughts on your sweet Annie ❤❤

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