My sweet girl was just diagnosed with Lymphoma. She's a 10 year old lab/pit mix. I adopted her when she was approx 6 yrs old. She is my light and I'm devastated.

The vet says we caught it fairly early but she has kidney stones due to the high calcium in her blood from the cancer. Basically when she's not on the tramadol she's in pain from the stones. Her appetite is barely present and she's peeing every where.

Of course the vet is pushing us toward chemo for her because she's only 10 and she's in otherwise great health. We just can't afford to take off work every week to drive 45+ mins to the oncology clinic to get her treated. Aside from that, the cost of the actual treatment is going to run somewhere between $2k-5k+

I want her with us as long as possible of course and I'm crushed to sobs every time I think about her not being with me every day. I just don't know how long to make her linger here with us if we're not doing chemo. I feel guilty and horrible that we're not going to give her all the help that's out there. Then I feel horrible and guilty that we haven't already put her down.

When is enough? I find myself wishing she'd just drift away in her sleep at home peacefully. We've made up our minds that when it's time,we're going to have someone do an in home euthanasia for us bc she gets so frightened and stressed out when we make her go to the vet.

I don't know what to do. It's either let her go while she's still somewhat her sweet snuggling self or wait til she's really far gone then bring someone in to end it for her.

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It would be wonderful to have all our pets drift off in their sleep but we are never so fortunate. My heart breaks for you. One of the biggest regrets with the high cost of treatments is people inability to pay. You should never feel guilty for this. Guilt should be reserved for things you didn't do, not for things you couldn't do. In our hearts we would spend millions but it is just not possible. There is no place for guilt in your situation. Take some solace in the fact the treatments would also have been uncomfortable. Better we remember them having fewer happy days, than more in pain.
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Hi LizzieLu, First of all I know the heartbreak you are going through and I am sorry that you are having to do so.  

My little girl Candy had cancer at 8 years old and although it was operable and she survived for around another 8 years sadly the cancer came back, this time in her brain but it went undetected and for the last few months of her life she was a shadow of her former self and we struggled with what to do. We fed her human food for months as she stopped eating any dog food at all. 

You can only do what you can though and vet bills do mount up very quickly to a lot of money without pet insurance. We kept our dog until her little body gave up and she had a massive seizure and that was the last straw, don't get me wrong she had some very good days when she jumped about and ran like a puppy but she had a lot of lazy days too. We sadly said our goodbyes to her with tears flowing from everyone of us on October 1st 2014. Only you will know when your sweet girl has had enough and can't go on and that is a terrible decision for anyone to have to make. 

I know with the love you have for her you will know when the time is right to let her go, even though you know it will break your heart. 

You have my deepest sympathy for what you are going through.  

Candy_s Dad
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You know that there are groups out there that will help pay the medicial costs, or you can start a gofundme account. It seems that you have time to think about these options. I hope that you look into it. I'm sorry for the pain that you must be feeling, take care.
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I'm so sorry to hear this. My beloved cat, Binx was diagnosed with Lymphoma about three months ago and we made the decision to say our final good byes yesterday. I know this post is from September but it really hit home. Cancer is a terrible, terrible thing and I hope both you and your precious girl are finding peace during this hard time.
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My dog just passed away in December from lymphoma. He had b cell, which typically responds well to chemotherapy, but his didn't. We did one round of chemo with my regular vet, and then another with an oncology vet. It was very expensive, over 3,000, and it didn't work, he was diagnosed in July, died 12/2. I don't regret the money, I'd do it again in a heartbeat, I just regret it didn't work. I do think we really need to evaluate the quality of life they have left. I had just made the decision to put him to sleep, but he died before I could.
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I am going through the same thing today.  I am taking care of my friends dog (she is ill)  - who is like my dog- who has lymphoma.  Of course he got the "worse" kind...T.  Last Friday we did a round of chemo and he is just not doing well at all and I'm afraid, so afraid that the time is coming near.  I'm at the end of my rope...I've lost 3 beautiful pet loves in the last 6 months.  I feel like I'm sinking in a sea of despair.  Nobody knows my heartache and I feel very alone.
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your not alone i know how you feel it hurts that much you cant explain, just keep thinking nothing can hurt them anymore and there still with you even when they pass over mine is still here i know he is and he will wait for me and one day we will be together xxxx
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