After I observed and got through the one year anniversary of losing my Tabitha I started feeling a little better. I decided at that point that I should take the last step some others on this forum had said to try. So I contacted a couple of local shelters and four days ago we brought home Luna.


She has had a pretty rough life until now so I feel very good about giving her a loving home (it helps that she is adorable). I also feel like the universe is playing a good joke on me, or maybe actually rewarding me for adopting her, as she acts so much like my Tabitha it is sometimes spooky. She doesn't completely fill up the hole in my heart, but she seems determined to try! And I plan to let her.

So whenever you start thinking "Should I adopt a new baby?", do it, you'll be amazed how much it helps.
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She is beautiful!  And what a pretty name, I love it - Luna, which means "moon" - a black cat, just in time for Halloween!  I lost my black boy Kaiser a couple of weeks ago, it was absolutely soul-destroying.  But I know that one day we will add more fur babies to our family.

Congratulations on your new addition and thank you for opening your heart to love again and giving this fur baby a home. 

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Congratulations on your new addition! I keep saying that I will try to be brave enough to bring another kitty into my home after the one year anniversary of Banks' death passes. It's only been two months since he passed, so I have quite a way to go, but it helps to hear about your good news.

Megan x

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oooh my Luna is beautiful.........and i am sure the first year is by far the hardest when we lose our precious babies......your precious Tabitha..

that day is nearing soon for me, on Dec 3rd will be one year for my precious Munki, it seems that time truly keeps "slipping into the future" (the steve miller song).......and sometimes it is scary.

I am glad you rescued your beautiful Luna, never to replace your Tabitha, but to only open your heart more for love.



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Big hugs. I lost my little kitty last year to heart disease, I have a 9 years. Your new kitty is beautiful, I'm sure you're older Kitty was beautiful too. God bless hun, God is there for you. I know you'll still probably have days you grieve if you're like me, I still talk to my little kitty. I just give my grief to God. I asked him for the strength to go on each day.
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Thanks. Yes, my Tabitha was the prettiest, smartest, most loving cat I have ever known. Handful though Luna is, there are still times I find myself lost in memory of Tabitha. Like you, I still talk to her sometimes. She was my closest most devoted friend. Keep your kitty in your heart, but leave room for new little ones. 
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