This past Monday my 7yo Maine Coon indoor/outdoor cat "Cat" was hit by a car. I was at work and got home late that evening. I thought it weird that he didn't greet me like he did every night. But I had my two dogs that decided to eat my bed to focus on. The following morning he still didn't come around so I called for him. Finally my dog walker came and told me the bad news. She told me that she had identified him. I travel around in a camper and the management decided it would be best to bury him. I couldnt stand the idea of not having him on "home" land. So when asked where he was, they said "oh somewhere down by the road." I searched for the broken ground for 30min before finding it. After I started digging I found out that he was not placed in any container, just put in ground. It was then that I saw that he had sustained injuries to the head, so therefore probably died instantaneously. I gathered him up and drove to my family's farm and gave a proper burial.
I'm not angry at the management because atleast they didn't leave him or throw him in the trash. I just keep crying asking myself if I did wrong by my cat in his life. I adopted him through a friend who was going to take him to shelter and at that point had a stable lifestyle with a house. Two yrs ago everything changed when we started traveling. He did great. I created a cat door just for him and he always knew where the camper was. He saw a lot of this country and sunbathed in almost every state. I tried several times to make him acclimate to indoor lifestyle, but each time failed dramatically. But no matter what right now I just keep thinking that I'm the reason he's dead. Today I found his collar on the side of the road and I just couldn't stop crying. Does anyone else have that guilt? What could I have done differently? I just want my cat back to cuddle at night again. I still expect him to come running up behind us on our daily walks to chase the dogs. I just miss him so much!!!
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I'm so sorry for your tragic loss. Guilt is so common with grief.
But, I always say to people animals and children. They don't care what form of home they have they just want safety and love.
Sounds like your baby adapted well to your new lifestyle.
It's hard to make an outdoor cat an indoor cat for sure. They are determined not to change their ways.
I'm glad you were able to take your baby to a secure place for burial.
I'm also glad you found the collar. It was left behind for a reason. You will have this forever.

I'm so sorry for your loss.
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You are not alone. I just lost my pup of 4 years, my best friend, from being hit by a car. The guilt i feel is crippling. It was a day like any other much like yours. He went out before bed as the two do every night and he never came home. Like you i also was not particularly concerned as they sometimes have roamed the farm in the past but always came home. Then my adopted dog shows up without my baby and i still don't bat an eye, Doze is stubborn and probably taking his sweet time. Low and behold he was hit down the road on the other side of the farm. A lady called it in and the police said he had no collar on. I found that strange as i knew he did and at first i thought it couldn't be my boy. A walker found it on the road the next day and my husband went as picked it up. I am crushed knowing that i let him out, that it was him and not the other dog (terrible, but we adopted him to be a friend for Doze and he is the one who got Doze into wandering) that i didn't go look for him right away. I'll never know if he would have been spared had a went to find him. All i know is he was our first born, the perfect dog, and i let him down. Now my two boys have to grow up without their dog and i and my husband have to somehow go on without our beautiful boy. Our first love. Its difficult to get through the day and i cry often. Tonight will be one week and the pain is still very strong. I am so sorry for your pain.
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I am so sorry for your loss. And yes, I had those same feelings of guilt when my dog passed away a week ago. Let those feelings out, say them out loud and do not hold any guilt or doubt inside. It helped me so much to do that. Once I said them out loud, it helped me realize how wrong I was for actually believing those thoughts. Remember, it's not your fault. Life happens no matter what we do, and sadly this is one of the most difficult parts of life. Try and focus on the fact that you were very lucky to have your cat and he was lucky to have you. You gave him a loving home which is more than many cats can even hope for. You will be sad and that's understandable. But only be sad for you, and be happy for your cat. He is playing now and no longer in any danger of harm or pain. You got to love him and he got to love you. Remember that and steadily you will heal as I have.
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I am so very sorry for your loss. Your heart hurts and I pray you find comfort in knowing God has answers and that HE will comfort you. I too am a traveling RN, and I know the struggles we have in that alone and while I did not travel with beloved fur babies, my heart has had it's share of loss in the years of my companions that are forever in my life and heart, day by day. 
I pray you find some comfort in knowing that someday, somewhere, the love you shared will wait for you in Gods loving Grace. 
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Thank you everyone. It helps hearing from others. Little things still make me cry, but I I know he is safe now. Thank you again!!
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