My sweet Gabby left me too quickly. For three weeks the vet treated her for allergic dermatitis but it didn't respond to tx. She did biopsies. Yesterday she called to say it was mammary cancer. I spent the day with Gabby . She ate well and wagged her tail. She gave kisses as usual and gobbled up her cheese snacksThen last evening she lost the use of her legs and was crying out in pain. I rushed her to the pet ER. They stabalized her pain. I went home to await the results of tests. I never slept. After numerous updates and consults with specialists, I was told her cancer was a very aggressive cancer that had probably invaded her brain and she had a blood clot causing paralysis. I cried and paced all night and all day. I couldn't bring myself to say goodbye. But this afternoon I held my sweet baby as she was euthanized. I held her sweet face and petted her fur as I sobbed. Then she was gone. My heart is so broken. The house seems so empty. My heart seems so empty. Ive lost my buddy and I am lost.

Joan polk
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Dear Joan,
I am so sorry about Gabby. And I am so sorry about the way I know you are feeling right now.

Mammary cancer is awful because we don't necessarily know they have it and that it has spread. THEY don't know they have it either -not until the final symptoms.

You definitely did the right thing for Gabby. She passed away with you, with the one she loved. You spared her the final pain. Blessings to you. And my heart goes out to you in your grieving.
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer

Misty's life after death:
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I am so so sorry. This is very traumatic I know. Nothing I can say will make it better. Grieve, rest, and grieve more.
Hugs to you. I know the pain all too well.
"People disappoint, dogs never do" - spiritdog

"You MUST be your pets ADVOCATE, if it doesn't feel right walk away." - spiritdog
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Thank you for the support. Today was so hard. I woke up and looked for her, wanting so badly to see her brown eyes staring at me....cried. Got up and fixed one bowl of dog food instead of two....cried. Watched my little Coco keep looking out the doggy for for Gabby and cried. Saw some of her curly white hair on the floor and cried. Her leash, her favorite places to lay... Decided to leave the house. Routine was that Gabby always got leashed first...a promise between us...but today there was only Coco who acted unsure of what to do. Accidentally called Coco "Gabby"...fought back tears. Revisiting over and over holding her head in my lap during her last minutes here with me. When she left, a piece of my heart left with her.
Joan polk
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Oh Joan,
I know only too well how you are feeling and I am so sorry for your pain. A little over a month ago I had to put my little boy Spreewell, my Boston terrier down, one of the worst days of my life and definetly the worst decision I ever had to make. I too was in denial, kept thinking there HAD to be a fix. After much soul searching, I knew I had to let him go. I am not the same since it happened, I will never forget being in that room with him when he slowly slipped away. It is a devastating experience and I'm STILL trying to figure it all out. They are so precious, and leave such a void in your heart when they go. My house, my car, my WORLD is just so empty without him. I am better than when it first happened, but still there is a huge void in my heart. I wish you peace and understanding of your life with your beautiful Gabby
gayle zigmund
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