He was less then a month old. My baby boy, my little lion man, Nomu. He had run to hide in my grandma's wheel to escape the cold of the oncoming winter last November. I had wanted a cat for a long while, and after saving him, my mother allowed me to keep him. I named him Nomu, due to his size we assumed he was 4 months old. Since we couldn't pay for him to get fixed or the pet fee of our apartment just yet, he stayed at my grandma's, but never forgot who his mama was ♡ I'd go over every weekend just to love and play with him, he would follow me everywhere, even to the bathroom. We'd sleep together, he'd always try to steal our food ♡ he was quite a brat but it was adorable.

A few months passed, he grew bigger every weekend and by what we assumed was his 6th month alive, he was about full grown. Finally we got the money, and we took him to the vet to be fixed in march. I was excited, in two days i could bring my baby home!

Needless to say, we never got that far.

Within the hour of his operation we got a call saying he had passed away but returned and was responsive. But something within me felt a shrowding doom. And as time passed, we were informed that he had fallen into an unresponsive state and that if it continued for too much longer they'd want to look into putting him down.

I got to the vet as fast as i could, and they told me that judging by the amount of baby teeth he had, he couldn't be anymore then 4 months old, and that there must've been an abnormal Gene mutation that caused him to grow so quickly, since he was 7 lbs at such a young age. These words fell on deaf ears. I didn't care. I just needed to see him.

I almost wish i hadn't.

It wasn't him. The body laying there, front legs stiff, eyes unable to blink. It wasn't him. It was just his husk. My little lion man had gone brain dead, and was unable to recover. I sat there for hours, crying and holding him, kissing his head like i always did, talking to him in hopes that he could hear me.
He was so handsome, the softest and most loving little brat ♡ but I had to make the call, and in the end, I held him in my arms as his body relaxed and his eyes closed.

I bawled for days. And even now, almost 6 months later I can't stop crying over him. He was my baby, my little boy, he had so much time and energy to spend. The morning it happened he was so happy, running around with all his wild energy...And then he was gone

The pictures are of him the night before he passed. I know some will say it's silly, that i got so attached to a cat within 3 months. But he really was my baby, i knew the day would come but i didn't think it would be so soon...he was such a good boy, I miss him so much
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Dear Genavieve,

I am so sorry to read of your loss. Your cat "Nomu" was such a cute and handsome lad. There was something very, very special about him as the wonderful photos you shared show. There is a gentleness and innocence to him, but also a "knowingness." I am always struck by the look in the eyes of members pets when members here share photos of those they loved and lost. Your little boy is no exception.

Many of us here had Orange Tabby cats and lost them. We dubbed them "The Orange Boys". We all adored them and they were our Tiger & Lion-Men. My cat was named "Marmalade." He had been the KING of a colony of feral and stray cats when our paths crossed over 850 miles away in the high desert country of New Mexico. The female cats in the colony adored him. He was trusted with the kittens in the colony and he was feared and respected by the larger males in the colony. Although Marmalade was chronically ill.

"Marmalade" was noble, dignified, loyal and true. He was my best friend, my son, my brother, my comrade in arms, my only remaining family member, my love and my light in my life. I lost him 13 weeks ago. I felt I had to put him to sleep as he was in great pain and discomfort. He had a surgery on his ear canal from a bite injury from a Tom-Cat fight defending his girlfriend cat "STAR" and it never healed. There were complications from the surgery which I believe was a stroke.

Please know that you are not alone. It is comforting that for the brief time that "Nomu" was alive, that he knew such tenderness, love, affection, adoration and appreciation by one such as yourself. I lost a kitten rescue in the Winter of 2018. I named the kitten "Kona" as I discovered it crying like a baby in an abandoned speed boat behind my office at a boat storage yard. It only lived a few weeks and passed from "Fading Kitten Syndrome." Which I didn't even know was a condition that takes kitten's lives.

I am currently fostering another kitten I named "Kid", whose mother Mom-Cat", Father "Blackie" and older best friend cat "Cherry" were all attacked and taken by coyotes. KID had two bite injuries and is on the mend. He is a Tuxedo cat with a black mustache. I named him "Kid" after the orphan character in the classic Charlie Chaplin movie "The Kid." I didn't expect or desire to have another cat in my lifetime as losing Marmalade was and is still so painful, but fate crossed my path with "Kid's." And he had and has no one in this World. He was tiny, alone, injured, vulnerable and starving. I could not turn my eyes from him or my back. He needed a friend.

I have had "Kid" with me for just over 5 weeks now. I do not know if he has some unknown disease yet or some other genetic malady, he is going to be receiving tests soon, but for as long as he does live? I am going to try and provide him with love, care, safety and comfort. And some fun, he loves to play. There are no guarantees in life, as we all know. 

Welcome to this forum despite the unfortunate and sad circumstances. It was admirable what you did for Nomu and that you cared and still care so very deeply for him. Thank you for sharing some of his and your story and those delightful photos. He is remembered.

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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Nomu was an amazing cat. You gave him all the love and caring in the world. He enjoyed a life full of love, peace, enjoyment and happiness, thanks to you. Thank you for sharing your precious pictures of your little orange boy, he was stunning.

You are grieving, and you are in the best place possible by posting on this forum. There is absolutely nothing that you could have done to altered the track of Nomu's life. He was a sick little boy. My father adopted an amazing cat several years ago. The cat, named Andy Man, had so much darn personality. He wasn't  a kitten, but maybe a year old. He died due to a previously undetected medical condition. My father spent several thousand dollars on treatment until the vet finally stated that something was gravely wrong with Andy Man, but he wasn't sure what is was and is was obviously not treatable. My father and I cried for days. He was an incredible cat. Your cat Nomu sounds amazing, and although you had only a short period of time with him, it was filled with love and sheer joy.

Warm regards sweetheart, you will get through this,
K. Unger
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