Today we lost our Maddie Girl! She had two surgeries for breast cancer which came back negative! However a few months ago she began to experience a cough during one of our walks! The cough persisted and the tumors began to spread!
At 14 years old we had to make a decision to seek more treatment, surgeries etc or just keep her comfortable and happy! The past two weeks have been rough with limited mobility and becoming lethargic we knew the time was soon! Today, after getting one more exploration of her mommas garden, she took her last walk in the yard! Trying and failing is what hurts the most!
Watching your walk partner slowly die was the hardest part! But I know that she went on her terms! I struggled to this day of putting down my black lab Bigfoot when he died and I said never again! I have cried all day now along with my daughter and wife!
Thanks to them we will be able to move forward! It will be difficult not having her here especially hearing her attack the door bell when it rang!
Typing this has definitely helped! Thanks for listening!
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I am very sorry for the loss of your beautiful Maddie Girl.  I had a similar decision to make with my Brandon last year when he was 14.  Like you I decided against surgery and chose to keep him comfortable and happy for as long as possible.  It was the right thing to do.  He lasted longer than I though he would- 13 months.  But nature took its course, as I knew it would.  The last months were difficult for me because of the constant worry, but for Brandon it was peaceful.  It sounds as if your Maddie lived a full, happy life right up until the end.  Thats the best anyone can hope for.  But still, the loss is so hard.  I hope writing to this forum will bring some comfort to you as it has to me.  -Dachsiemom
Moira - remembering Brandon
"Better lo'ed ye canna be. Will ye no' come back again?"
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I am so, so sorry for your and your family's loss of this beautiful, precious creature.  It hurts a long, long time, unfortunately. Wishing you much comfort.
-Missing Marissa deeply
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I am truly sorry for your loss.  Everyone here at this forum, have lost a beloved pet. We understand the pain that you, your wife and family are going through.  When our beloved pets "leave" us due to an illness, old age or accident, the pain is immense.  We feel "incomplete" without them.  Take one day-at-a-time.  Focus in how much love Maddie gave you and all the wonderful years, she blessed you with her presence.  Hugs
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