Today would have been Pecan’s 9th birthday but instead it’s her 30 day passing anniversary.  It hurt so much and I had a hard time getting up this morning but I have decided to get up clean the house and celebrate her life.  She was my best friend and was with me 24/7 through good and bad.  She was my soulmate, confidant, my therapy dog, my walking partner.  She was perfect and we loved each other very much.  My daughters and I have made sweets in her honour and Delivering them to our friends and family to enjoy in her memory.  

For those of you who have just lost your pets.  Please don’t feel guilty.  Guilt is a normal part of the grief process but you pet’s passing was not your fault.  Unfortunately we have no control over that.   We all loved our pets and did our best to the best of our knowledge and ability.  I’m just saying that because I felt so guilty for the first 3 weeks and started talking to a grief Counselor.  I still miss her and cry everyday but I was able to manage the guilt part.  Let’s all be kind to ourselves our pets deserve to see us happier. 

take care, 

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Thank you so much, your kind words have touched my 💔 . It's been a month since my baby Pixie passed, it's  been the hardest .I still cry for her. Don't  know if that's  good or bad? I just miss everything about sweet Pixie..we were also together day and night 24/7,she loved to be held and be pampered.  I hope one day we can  smile,when all those beautiful memories go through  our minds.  Wish you peace ,comfort and  healing  💔 take care...
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