Today marks one week since my darling girl went away. My tears still flow but I have managed to begin to do some everyday activities. I am, however, far from getting back to normal. I still talk to her and I still move quietly around the house as she did not like things loud when she began to feel poorly. I have one of her small kitty toys that is furry and feels like her paw. I sleep with it at night because she liked to be cuddled and her paws held and her head in the palm of my hand. I am slowly coming to terms with the reality that she is gone but it is emotionally draining. My job search is on hold and I'm sleeping alot. I know I need to approach life again and handle up on things but I am so sad over her. This forum has helped me as well as taking care of my other kitties but it is still hard getting going during the day. I haven't mentioned this but about a month ago, a grey feral cat, very young, started coming around (he has an ear clip so he was a catch n release at some point) My neighbor and I fed him but he was skittish and disappeared as often as he came around. About a week before Fishstick died, he walked into my house, ate, used the litterbox (knew exactly where it was), played with a few toys, let me pet him and fell asleep on the bed. He hasn't left. I like to think Fishstick willed him to me so I had something to care for when she was gone. I found him sitting with her a few days before she passed. Maybe she was telling him, "Look buddy, Be nice to her. She is going to need you soon." Yesterday, while I was visiting her grave, he came over and laid down in front of it so, hopefully, he listened to her. Today, I named him Grouper. Maybe she sent him to help Minion and I heal.

I miss my baby girl.
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I am so sorry about the loss of Fishstick.  As you may already know, everything you are experiencing is a part of normal grieving.  It is very hard to impossible to go on with daily activities, especially in the early weeks after we have lost a precious furbaby.

  I think that the way that Grouper literally walked into your life in the final days with Fishstick is truly amazing.  I don't think it was just a coincidence and it makes sense to me that Fishstick had something to do with it. Over the years I have had a number of stray cats who have been around the house for awhile and then have moved on. I have never had one walk into the house and behave like Grouper.  Grouper,  of course, will not be a replacement for Fishstick.  But you do have Grouper to care for and he is tied to Fishstick.

Again I am very sorry about the loss of your precious Fishstick.  Over time I hope that you will develop a new life with Grouper. It will be different than what you had with Fishstick but will be based upon his unique qualities.

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Thank you for sharing the wonderful story of Grouper entering your home and being welcomed by Fishstick. And thank you for giving Grouper a good and loving home. I hope he brings you comfort.

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Hi Tara,

And there I thought "Fishsticks" was a unique name for a cat and then you have to blow my mind with the name "Grouper." Lol. Simply wonderful!

Very admirable that you have given a home to "Grouper." Well done!

I am fostering a kitten currently that has a little mustache like Charlie Chaplin. So because he is young (about 10 to 11 weeks) I named him "KID" after the classic Charlie Chaplin film.

"Smiles everyone!",
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I know what you're going through. I lost my dog Trixie a few weeks ago. Sometimes I'm ok and I can laugh and enjoy things. And sometimes I'm trying not to cry in front of people. I do something similar to you by sleeping with a plush dog. When I close my eyes I imagine that it's her. I definitely think that Grouper was sent by Fishstick.
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Fishsticks very sorry for the loss of your precious fishstick..and i love her name btw..i understand you are going through so many emotions over losing your sweet thoughts are with you..its been 8 1/2 weeks since i lost Reeses my orange tabby who was my world and i remember how emotionally drained i was for weeks after..and especially the first couple after..this pet loss forum really helped me through such a difficult time in my life and it still does..i miss my baby so much and for some reason it hit me again today really hard while i was at work and then comming home..i started looking at all his little spots he would always be around the kitchen and rest of sounds like maybe your fishstick did know possibly and the other cat knew as well and is there to help you through this hard time.she was a very pretty cat and i know u miss and love her
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