It's 3 weeks today since chopper passed and I thought I was having a good day until my husband sent me this msg: I miss chop today , wish I could cuddle him. It made me burst into tears!
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We lost our Bassett hound Annabelle on Valentine's day. My daughter sends me hundreds of pics of her daily. Breaks my heart..
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I am so sorry...and I understand. Lean on your husband. Come here often. It's wicked. Hugs, Kasey
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So agree with Kasey, this site has been my absolute saviour since losing my Dog Jim almost 10 weeks ago. Its only by knowing you are not alone - friends and family mean well but there`s only so much you feel you can say to them,  whereas on here we are all going through the exact same feelings and sense of loss.  So glad I found this forum. 

                              Hugs, Jackie. x
J Taylor
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I keep looking at photos and videos of my cat Ollie who I have to put to sleep soon. While it breaks my heart now I know I'll be glad of them in time to come.
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