Today is the 6th years that I have lost my Best Friend, the most perfect fur baby Chyna.  At 11:47 tonight Chyna took her last breath and was given peace from all the pain and meds she had to take.  I sat there with her the whole times as I kissed her and told her how much I love her and am going 2 miss her and how she is taking a piece of my heart with her and it will never be filled again.  She had her head in my lap as she was given eternal peace as I sat with her, no movement , just hugging her and rocking her not wanting 2 let go of the most beautiful life with her, whispering to her as my heart broke.  It has been a rough 6 years, memories of her make me cry and I still miss her and it feels like that day all over again.  Rest in Eternal Peace Chyna until we meet again, I love you with all my heart and soul and I miss you so so much.  Until we meet again Chyna I love you. 

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I feel your pain over Chyna's passing.  I held my Maggie as she took her last breath, talking to her the entire time and saying all the things you said to your Chyna.  The pain is gut wrenching....I cry constantly.  I keep finding pieces of her fur all over my home, her paw prints still in some of the rooms.  I miss her terribly, it was a week yesterday.  She knew how much I loved her, and I am sure she is watching me grieve and trying to help me through it.  Forgive me Maggie for being so sad, but I will love you forever.
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I am so sorry...

I keep repeating it, but one thing a friend told me actually meant a lot to me: "Death is not tragic for a cat/dog, suffering is."

After six years, the pain is still just as deep... I am scared. 3 months for me. I still truly feel as though I lost the love of my life. Although we got new dogs right away (I couldn't deal with the loneliness, the silence, the cold), fosters at first, then our own a month and a half ago, then a second one two weeks later. (And a third if my husband would let me...) The void is still there, it hurts. He was my love more than my dog. When we sat down to cuddle, I called it platonic cheating on my husband, just because Eddie looked at me with such loving eyes, and he guarded me from my husband, growled whenever Chris tried to separated us. :) 

I feel your pain. My stomach hurt hearing your story. I wish I knew how to keep only the good.

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