I sure miss you. I called Freddie Mercury Vaggio today. It made me sad. When i first got him i would wake up and a few times i thought he was you....man i miss your min pin butt scooting me off the bed. I would do ANYTHING to have you push me to the edge one more time... so i got a tattoo of your pawpaw...not sure if i told you already....so now everytime i miss you and i can give u a kiss. I love you little punk...tell coco and maggie i love them.

Love mom
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Dear Gina,

I am so, so sorry for the loss of your sweet, adorable Vaggio, I love his photo, such an adorable boy.
I love the tattoo you got of Vaggio's paw print, such a wonderful tribute to your cute boy. I smiled at how you mentioned Vaggio would push you to the end of the bed, my little girl did the same, the bed feels empty now without having to sleep hanging over the edge.

Sending our most positive healing thoughts your way, may your heart always know and feel the love and light that is your adorable Vaggio.

Sincerely, Don, Vera and forever our little Bella
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