Boy i miss you bad again today. It is December now and almost your birthday. Man i really hate this. I know its not gonna be a good day for me. The day after Christmas i brought you home. I decided that day would be your birthday. You were 9 and a min pin at that....i had known a few miniature pinschers and they were crazy dogs..you were chilled.....you were so scared and i know you wondered what was going on....who are these people. I was in an abusive relationship and you found that out right away. He is the one who got you for my Christmas present.
That first week went ok....then about day 5 i came home from work and you were gone. The trailer door was open and no Vaggio to be found....panicked i began to call your name and look for you. The lady in the trailer park said you had been running around all day but would not come to anyone....finally i saw you and you saw me and you came running so fast. Jumped up into my arms and was the happiest dog in the whole wide world...you were my dog for sure after that day.
I loved you so deeply from that day on. A month later i finally left that man. I was sleeping in the car with you. It was snowing and so cold. I always went back to him but that day i made a decision not to go back. I had you now and we could just leave. We lived in my car for almost a year. I made it out of there because of you. I was not so sad and depressed because of you.
You helped me become a better person. If i had to go back and do it all over again i would take that abuse everytime cuz i got you out of it. I would have never met you if i was not with him.
So it was you and me against the world.
You were always there when i woke up. A reason to want to wake up....always there when i went to sleep...laying right by me...loving me no matter what....and we made it thru...you saved me little punk...the last 7 years were just awesome because of you....
Now it is almost your birthday and i want you to know i am ok...i am going to be sooooooo sad that day but i am ok. I will cry and cry but i am ok....i miss you so damn much and it hurts so bad but i am ok.....thank you for saving me....thank you for all my memories i had with you...i love you little punk. You were the best dog EVER....
Love Mom
The best petter in the whole wide world.....
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What a wonderful tribute to Vaggio.  I am so sorry that you will not have your wonderful little punk with you this Christmas.  But I commend you on your courage to leave an abusive relationship despite the hardship that went with it. As you grieve during this season I know you will be remembering the great love and attachment your precious dog had for you and the great gift she gave you by choosing you.  Thank you for telling us your story.  I hope that  you can find some comfort and support by being in this group.
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Your little angel baby Vaggio saved you and felt your love. Such beautiful pics. May you find comfort in all your memories together.
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