You are the best friend that i ever had. I never really knew that all my sadness and depression i had before i met you would or could be helped not by medicine, but a Miniature Pincher named Vaggio....you were always there for me. You saved my life. The past 7 1/2 years with you were the best years (inside myself) that i have ever had.
You taught me so much and i loved you being there every morning and every night to love me no matter what or where we were. I know that year in the van was not the best place to have a dog but you helped me out of that abusive place we were at. I had you to be by my side. I was not alone in that van. I would never have made it past that year without you. I thanked god many times for that abusive place because i would have never met you otherwise.
You were my rock. My reason to go on. You always made me smile.....Pretty soon i began to fix me. I saw the best of me inside your eyes. You healed me and made me whole again. I love the person i am today. And i have a min pin to thank for it.
I knew loosing you would be hard. But never this hard. I finally got your ashes back yesterday so i am having a hard time today. I want you back with me so bad. I know you were tired. I know it was time but i miss you more than words can say.
I always told you....when you upset me, for whatever reason
"DON'T MAKE ME GET A NEW DOG" well that night at Billies before i left for vacation i told you don't make me come home and get a new dog.....i knew deep deep down i would not see you again. I think you were waiting for me to go....i dont know but i know how much you loved me and man i loved you more that anything.
My new little punk Freddie Mercury is amazingly awesome. Actually i call him punk jr cuz there will never be another little punk in my heart.
So i do believe i am gonna get a new tattoo on my arm...of your paw print mabey so everytime i miss you i can kiss your paw paw and tell you i love you.....thank you for being the best buddy i ever had. There will NEVER be another dog in my heart like you. I love you and one day i will see you again. Goodbye my little punk.

Love mom
The best petter in the whole wide world....
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I am so sorry about the loss of your precious Vaggio.  I am glad that you had all the help you got during the time that you needed it and that the help came from your beloved fur baby.  You are right that their will never be another Vaggio.  Each of our pets has different personalities and ways of doing things and we have to learn to love our new fur baby for those qualities.  It is very hard to replace a pet soon after losing one that you had deep bonds with.  You are still grieving for Vaggio which is normal.  

Everyone here understands the grief you are experiencing.  All we can do is grieve with you.  We are all experiencing the pain of loss and don't have any answers for how to make the grieving process go quickly.
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