To Kodi, my sweet Baby Girl:
It's been 5 days since you left, but it's felt like the same day has been repeated over and over again. You passed away in my arms at 8:23 in the morning of July 21, moments away from your euthanasia appointment. We had to drive a hour to get to the vet we knew would take care of you, and I held you in my arms for that entire time, your head cradled in my arms. The moment I set you down on the table and I let you out of my arms, you were gone. There was nothing the vet had to do, and I remember Mom telling me to go wait in the car while she finished up everything. I haven't cried that hard in a long time. It still hurts so badly, Baby Girl. I miss you so much because you were my best friend. We got you when I was five, and now I'm going off to college. My whole life you've been there, for everything, and I can't thank you enough. Those 13 years went by so fast.
It hurts and I miss you, but I'm so happy to know where you are. You aren't in pain anymore. Your last night I spent the night laying by your side and trying to give you your favorite food, popcorn, but you were too sick to even want it. I felt so bad for letting you get so sick. So I just laid with you and petted you and told you I loved you until morning came and we had to take you to your appointment.
You were so beautiful, Kodi, inside and out. You were the kindest and gentlest dog I've ever met and ever had the pleasure of loving, and no dog will ever compare to you.
I'll miss you everyday. When it snows I'll miss the fun we had playing in the backyard. I couldn't build snowmen because you'd always bite the snow before it got too big. When it rains I'll miss how your fur would crimp and I'd have to brush you to get it straight again. Mostly I'll just miss seeing you laying in your favorite spots, always watching and always there for a cuddle. I'll miss you every. Single. Day.
It will get better, I know. But not a day goes by that I don't think about and miss you.
I'll love you forever, Kodi. My beautiful Baby Girl.
Love, Bry.
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Kodi is gorgeous. What a beautiful dog. You had her most of your life. What beautiful memories you have. I always think about what the animal thinks watching her little girl grow up. She was there through some beautiful times in your life. I'm sure she was proud of the young lady you have become.
As hard as it was I envy the fact that Kodi died in your arms. What a warm comforting place to be and what a beautiful ending to your story of your lives together.

It will be hard to go on without her. Bring her pictures off to college with you so you can see each other every day.

I'm so sorry for your loss. But it sounds like Kodi left you with beautiful memories.
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