Hi Sweetie
Well tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am giving thanks for a few things but the one issue tomorrow I want give thanks for is the years that I was able to spend with you. I will be so sad that you are not here to enjoy this with us. But you are here with me in my heart and in my memories. I love you and I miss you so much LadyBug.
Please come visit me tomorrow and give me a sign that you are here.
I will be burning the candle for you today and Thanksgiving day.

Your Mop's

Lady Bug

Monday October 24th 1994 - Sunday May 23rd 2010

I light this candle for Lady Bug, Cassy and and ALL the babies that have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Visit Lady Bug at

"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God."

Hugs to all
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All I can really say is "ditto" to that, ladybugsmom.  Today, I have also been asking Scottie and the angels to send me a sign.  Hope you had a good day!

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