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Thank you for your kind words Mamabird. And Max, I am glad I could help. My NDE was not painful, in fact it was joyful. And you will be reunited with your beloved pet again as well as friends and family who have crossed over. If I might suggest it to you, reaching out to help others who are grieving a loss, be it a pet or family member will not only help you to heal, but will honor your beloved pet. You are right, a piece of them remains wedged in our hearts until our last breath. I discovered many years ago something that has helped me is to have them cremated and to have their ashes in my bedroom. I feel that this not only helps me to have them near me, but in a way, keeps them close to me. Animals are like us humans, they have souls also and I believe when they are forced to leave our physical presence, their soul remains with us. God bless my friend and may He bring you peace and comfort. Thank you for sharing and honoring your beloved pet with us.😇😇😇
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Shadow is there ready to give your face a lick when the grief is gone somewhat and the love memories come to mind. That is where your Fur baby is.
our love baby
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Thank you for your kind words.  I'm going through everything that you described.  It's so hard.
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