I too, lost my beloved a little over a month ago. I had to free him, he was only nine and I thought we still had lots of time left. But that wasn't the case and our journey was quite different than what I thought it would be. But I believe in a way that he, as my other pets, chose me too, that he had a purpose and that he taught me many great things. I found this website somehow and have read many posts over the past few weeks. Many of which I related to. Like many others, I am still grieving myself, although time has helped a little. But one thing I have come to learn through my readings of each experience, is that the individuals on this forum are deeply compassionate human beings. We wouldn't be here if we weren't. We hurt so much because we loved so much. And that is a wonderful thing when I think about it. I believe our pets, without a doubt, felt that love, from the beginning, throughout their lives and all the way til their endings. So, from me, thank you for sharing your deepest thoughts and emotions too, as hard as it has been for us all to do. It has helped me with my healing somehow. And I hope each of us comes to the realization one day that our pets were as lucky to have us, as we them. We were gifts to each other.
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thank you silvermini3 for your post. i too have found the people in this forum very compassionate. im still grieving after 4 weeks and still find the situation surreal. i come to the forum instead of going to my friends for comfort.i just miss my kitty so much ( 18years) that i dont think of mush else at the moment. just taking day at a time. i know he lived to 18 so in time i will know i was a great mum to have him that long- but im so very lost and sad at the moment that one day i will be able to smile and think back.ellex
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Great post.  And this is a great forum.....I visit almost daily.  Everyone here loved and misses their baby as much or more than I do.
It's wonderful to have a place to go to help get the feelings out and try to move on with encouragement from others in the same position.

Today marks a month for me as well.....And I'm finally starting to re-live the great times with my little buddy, instead of the grief of the last days.
Try to get to the happy part of your baby's sure seems to be helping me........ 
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Silver   Very well said. I find this forum very helpful.  When I read some of the stories, I feel grateful Winston didn't have to go through what some of the other beloved pets did.  I did what I had to do to keep Winston from suffering any more than I saw he was.  I will never in my life forget him.  Sue
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Thank you Silvermini.  that was a beautiful post.  It helped me to read it.  Today is 13 weeks since I lost my Little kitty.  He was 18 years old and had cancer.  And you are right - I wouldn't hurt so much if I hadn't loved Little so much.  He was my "once in a lifetime" kitty, my everything. 

Sorry for your loss.  Hope you can find peace somewhere along the way.

Elle and DieselDaddy - sorry for your loss as well.


Little - Feb. 4, 1998 - Feb. 24, 2016
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Thank you Silver.  It is a great forum as too often the loss of a pet is minimized.  I have found it harder than dealing with some human deaths.
Sue E
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Great thoughts Silver. I know Wiz knew how lucky he was to have me, he showed me that everyday with his amazing love... I saved him from a hard life outside- with fiv he wouldn't have survived for a long time unless someone else took him in... I'm so glad it was me that took him in because we were meant to be together for sure. I don't believe everything is destiny but with Wiz and my other furbabies it was for sure. I still feel like the really lucky one though :-)
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