May you heal, may you find solace and that your beloved furry and feathered friends have never left. Their time here in this life concluded but they live on, they will be there when your time to step into the light has come.

It was 5 months on Monday since I had to let my best friend of 17 years go. It tore my heart deeply and the pain will always be there. Im single, my ex never was pregnant, and Jake is and always will be my best friend, like a child to me. He spent his time with me on earth for 17 years and I miss him every day.

I have felt every bit of the sorrow, cried the tears, the guilt, the painful nights, the empty feeling of the loss of a beloved friend and not just a pet. Your connection with them is much deeper, even more than with humans sometimes. I KNOW everything and have felt and still do feel all I see written in all of your posts. It may have been the hardest loss ever for me, even more than losing loved humans.

The intensity and length of it you endure may vary but it will not remain as intense. You will heal but it will never not be there in your heart, some days it will flood all over you. In time the love and memories and all the good times will cover the latter times that were the struggle.

I feel so deeply for you. As I type this I am deep in thought of my Jake-dude. Tears are on the very edge many times.

I wish you peace and that the love of your beloved animals will wash over and comfort you as they speak to you and give you signs they watch over you and that they are not gone but just displaced from you in paradise.

“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.” – Khalil Gibran

I miss you good little dude...

Jake with Smokey Joe, buddies for 15 years, Smokey Joe passed 2 years before Jake, March 30th and March 28th. I know Smokey was there to see him over to the other side. Smokey was 18. Good ol fellas right there.

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What handsome boys. Thank you for your words. That quote is dead on. My mom and I were talking about my dog last night and she (accurately) described her as sunshine, love and pure joy. It's a blessing to have these sweet babies in our lives which I suppose is why it feels so awful to lose them. Hugs and healing to you.
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what words of wisdom and just so touching to all may we all one day in our pain and sorrow see through your thoughts  for those words do bring so much to so many ,and just what beautiful  babies yours are .

littleguys mom
pamela meadows
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Thank you, so sorry for your loss, we will see them again!
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What beautiful babies you had. I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you for your post. It comes from your heart and is all so true.
Life will never be the same, it will be different forever.
On May 20 I put my 14 year old daschund to rest. That day began a change in my whole world. My whole sense of security and purpose was lost that day.
However, William gave me comfort and confidence during some very difficult times and I need to take his lessons and move forward. Life continues to bring me stress and I just talk with William and look at his pictures.
I ask him for strength. Looking at his beautiful face helps me. The tears flow, the sadness remains but nothing can take away our special memories.
Thank you
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Hi jdb,

Just wanted to wish you a good holiday season. Well, as good as it can be without your little Jake dude. He was so very loved and you were the best of friends. You were so kind to post on my thread about Norm in the early days of losing him. Thank you. 

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